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Polish mine explosion kills 8

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Methane gas was blamed for the explosion deaths of 8 miners in southern Polish‘s Halemba coal mine Tuesday, November 21. Officials say at least 15 are missing.

Rescue efforts were halted because dangerously high levels of methane gas returned, according to Zbigniew Madej, spokesman for state-owned Coal Co., which operates the mine.

The missing miners’ locater devices were not emitting signals, increasing rescurers’ concerns for their well-being. Grzegorz Pawlaszek, head of Coal Co., said the 15 missing miners’ fate is “not known,” but added that “there is a chance to find someone still alive.”

“This is a tragedy. People have died here,” Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said when he came to Ruda Slaska to see the blast.

Earlier Wednesday, a reconnaissance rescue team descended 3000 feet toward the blast scene, only to retreat because of safety concerns related to high methane gas levels. Rescue digging efforts were also halted because of explosion concerns.

The missing men were aged 21-59. One of the miner’s family members, Andrzej Pytlik, 30, remained on scene with his sister, hoping and waiting for news of her husband, Krystian Gaszka.

Pytlik, also a miner, said through teary eyes that, “I work in the mines and I know that hope is scant because that’s the truth.”

The explosion occurred in a closed portion of the mine where the now-missing miners were working to retrieve abandoned equipment. According to Pawlaszek, the value of the equipment was $23 million, adding that “It was new equipment and that is why we decided to retrieve it.”

He indicated that the recovery work was performed under the supervision of gas detection specialists, and that the bodies of the recovered miners were difficult to identify because of the severity of burns and because their ID tags were blown away in the explosion.

The Halemba mine, located in Ruda Slaska, has produced coal for nearly 50 years, has been fraught with safety concerns and has a track record of serious accidents. One of the oldest mines in Poland, it is centrally located in the industrial Silesia region.

Earlier this year, a miner was trapped underground in the Halemba mine five days after a cave-in. In 1990, 19 miners were killed and 20 hurt in a gas explosion, and five were killed in collapse in 1991.

Inside, priests and mining officials were comforting and counseling with distraught relatives. Outside, eight white candles flickered on a main gate wall.


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Jerold Wride

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Gunman kills self and hostage in Texas NASA building

Friday, April 20, 2007

Around 1:40 p.m. CDT, NASA employees reported that two shots were fired in the NASA Building 44 in the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. A SWAT team later reported that Bill Phillips, a contract engineer with Jacobs Engineering, had killed David Beverly as well as himself, leaving a female hostage physically unharmed.

Phillips entered a conference room with gun drawn and ordered all but one person out. Phillips barricaded himself on the second floor of the two-story building, with David Beverly and another female hostage. The building was evacuated and police were summoned. NASA security, Houston police and a SWAT team were on the scene.

Houston news reported at 5:22 p.m. CDT that Bill Phillips, the gunman, and David Beverly, the hostage, were both dead. Police reported that the SWAT team heard one shot and decided to engage, but before they reached the room they heard another shot. When SWAT reached the scene, the male hostage was dead from a bullet to the chest, the gunman was dead from a bullet to the head, and the female hostage, Fran Cranshaw, was gagged and bound to a chair with duct tape, but was otherwise unharmed.

All NASA employees had first been warned to stay in their buildings but were later told by NASA they were free to go home if their working day was over. Mission Control locked its doors during this incident, as this is a standard procedure in such situations. No NASA Mission has been affected by this incident, according to NASA.

In the first press conference, police said that communication to the gunman had not yet been established, but that negotiators had already tried it two times unsuccessfully.

The motive of the hostage-taking, and whether the three people had any connection to each other, is currently under investigation.

The Houston Chronicle reports that last month Phillips had received one e-mail from his employer, Jacob engineering Inc., “describing problems with his work and offering suggestions on improvement.” Jacobs printed that e-mail on March 18, the same day he bought the 38-caliber gun that police suspect was used in the shooting.

Despite reassurances by Cranshaw and Beverly, Phillips would not believe that management was not going to fire him, according to Cranshaw. During the 3-hour standoff, Phillips used a dry-erase board in the room indicating he was tired of being called “stupid,” police said last Saturday.

Michael Sampson, the co-manager of the space agency’s Electronic Parts and Packaging Program, who had known Beverly for ten years, described him as friendly, peaceful person, with a positive attitude to his co-workers.

Relatives describe Phillips as a loner who always kept to himself. He had lost his father in 2003, but had decided not to return to his hometown in Tennessee. Smith, a cousin of Phillips, remarked that in the Christmas card he had received from him last year, Phillips said that he was feeling lonely and without family, but nothing in the card suggested anything so tragic.


Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green Party candidate Gordon Kubanek, Nepean Carleton

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gordon Kubanek is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Nepean-Carleton riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.


Pen-Ek Ratanaruang’s latest film makes Thailand premiere

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Following a world premiere during the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, the latest film by Thai auteur Pen-Ek Ratanaruang made its Thailand premiere on Tuesday night in a screening for the press and celebrities.

Before the screening of the new film, Ploy, the director and his stars took the rostrum for a question-and-answer session, during which Pen-Ek pulled out a digital camera and took photos of the presenter, the press and the actors.

Ploy is a drama film, about a middle-aged Thai-American couple, portrayed by popular Thai soap opera actress Lalita Panyopas and Pornwut Sarasin, a first-time actor whose day job is working as vice president of Thai Namthip, the distributor of Coca Cola in Thailand. The couple have returned to Thailand for the first time in many years to attend the funeral of a relative.

They arrive at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5 a.m. after a long-haul flight from the U.S., and check in to a hotel. The wife, Dang, just wants to sleep, but the husband, Wit, wants some cigarettes, so he goes to the hotel bar to buy some. There, he strikes up a conversation with a 19-year-old girl named Ploy (17-year-old first-time actress Apinya Sakuljaroensuk), who’s waiting at the hotel for her mother.

Wit then invites the girl to his and Dang’s room, so she can take a shower and relax. This poor judgment by Wit ignites feelings of jealousy and anger in Dang, and causes the couple to review their marriage of seven years.

Lao-Australian leading man Ananda Everingham is in a supporting role as the hotel bartender. As a counterpoint to Wit’s and Dang’s bickering, the bartender engages in an erotic tryst with a hotel maid (model-actress Porntip Papanai) in a nearby room.

The press screening was held at SF World Cinemas at CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok. Given the presence of Coca-Cola’s Pornwut in the cast, it was perhaps not a coincidence that cans of Coke Zero, a new soft drink that is just being introduced in Thailand, were being doled out for free.

According to early reviews at Cannes, Ploy contains a high level of nudity and eroticism, which is uncommon for a Thai film, because Thailand has no film-ratings system and instead adheres to a strict censorship code that excises nakedness and sex scenes.

Ahead of its Thailand premiere, Aphiradee Iamphungphorn, co-producer for Five Star Production, said she knew the film would have to be re-edited for Thailand, but “hopefully not more than we can bear.” To get past the censors, Pen-ek created a special Thailand edit of the film, in which the sex scenes are toned down.

Ploy is the director’s sixth feature film since he made his debut in 1997 with Fun Bar Karaoke, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Since then, his films are regularly featured on the festival circuit, and are submitted by Thailand’s film industry for consideration by the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

Pen-Ek’s latest film is a return to screenwriting, after his previous two films, Last Life in the Universe and Invisible Waves, were scripted or co-scripted by Thai writer Prabda Yoon. It also marks a reunion with leading actress Lalita, who starred in his second feature, 1999’s black comedy, Ruang Talok 69, as well as Porntip, who co-starred in Pen-Ek’s 2001 musical-comedy-drama Monrak Transistor.

Ploy opens in Thailand cinemas on Thursday.


Brexit Transition Leads To Pessimism In The Uk Households}

Brexit transition leads to pessimism in the UK households


Brijesh B.

The Brexit vote has resulted in lot of changes in the lifestyle of Britons as they face trouble due to the falling pound as well as income crisis. In addition, commodities and services are becoming costlier and people are facing issues due to food inflation. The overall effect of Brexit is that household bills are increasing by leaps and bounds making Britons pessimistic about their own survival as well as country’s economic prospect. This creates a sense of insecurity around the households as suggested by a survey done by the analytics firm Markit.

The findings were derived from the monthly Markit Household Finance Index, consisting of 1500 respondents. The results of the survey came at a time when the Prime Minister initiated Article 50 and the exit of Britain started from the EU on the 29th March. Looking at the pace of events it is clear that things are becoming difficult for an average family that needs to make savings by option for best deals of the day or relying on the cheapest deals in energy, insurance and other essential services.

The survey revealed that people are losing hope as the percentage of people that expected economy to grow in a decade has dropped from 39% to 29% since July 2016. Also, the number of people thinking UK’s economic prospects are facing downturn has increased from 42% to 53%. The survey also brought forth the fact that the country’s lowest income group has become pessimistic about the results of Brexit. They feel deprived of basic facilities like cheaper energy deals, home and car insurance and travel deals.

Following figures suggest the results of the survey in detail:

Chris Williamson, chief business economist at Markit, said: “Whereas opinions on the long-term impact of Brexit were finely balanced in the immediate aftermath of last June’s vote (albeit leaning towards pessimism), a negative view of the economic consequences has become increasingly apparent and widespread.

“Pessimism has now spread to all age groups and income brackets. Shortly after the referendum, the older generations and the very poorest families were the exceptions in considering Brexit to be beneficial to the long-term health of the economy. However, even these pockets of the population have now become pessimistic.

“The most marked turnaround is evident among the poorest paid, who have switched from being the most optimistic to now being the most downbeat.”

To survive this condition, households can only rely on savings made on commodities and services. They can choose energy suppliers that offer the cheapest home energy plans to cut down a major chunk of their energy bills. In addition, they should make online purchases that save them up to 60% or more by choosing top deals of the day. Overall, they should make a habit of shopping around so that they can benefit from the latest discounts offered to the new customers.

Comparing prices can be a huge task that demands time and if anyone is not comfortable making those calculations then they can rely on energy price comparison sites like FreePriceCompare. The company offers price comparison for various essential services like travel, insurance, loan, broadband plans and more. We offer comparison services for free and are trusted by a huge customer base spread across the UK. If you want to get the cheapest home energy deals or want to buy things through best daily deals then call the friendly and meticulous team of comparison experts on 02034757476.

Brijesh is a financial advisor at and a passionate blogger. He writes on personal finance and money-saving tips. He suggests all UK households to compare home energy prices before renewing energy contract with existing supplier. When he isn’t writing, he is spending time to find advance technique of farming and its way of applying. He also plays his guitar gifted by his father.

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Samuels Jewelers to be acquired by a DTC sightholder

Monday, December 11, 2006

A major purchase transaction is being prepared in the diamonds’ industry: Samuels Jewelers started a discussion with a sightholder from Diamond Trading Company (DTC). The latter is to acquire the majority part of retailer’s shares.

There is still not much information about this particular sightholder, except for the fact that it is based in India. The present majority shareholder of Samuels Jewelers is DDJ Capital Management. The representatives of the company do not give any information concerning the potential buyer.

Randy McCullough, the President and CEO of Samuels Jewelers, stated that it would be a great opportunity for the retailer to start a partnership with a DTC sightholder, thus Samuels would be able to re-capitalize its balance sheet, to acquire newer inventory and guarantee itself stable growth in the future.

As for Samuels Jewelers, which is officially called “Samuels, Schubach and Samuels Diamonds”, possesses a network of 97 jewelry stores in 18 US states since October 1 this year. The incomes of the retailer at the end of the previous year are estimated to be around $100,000,000.

The current shareholder of Samuels Jewelers, DDJ Capital Management, is a company, which specializes itself in private equity and debt financings. This managing firm began its activity in 1996 and since then has grown to operate capitals of 79 institutional clients (estimated in approximately 3 billion dollars).



Truck loses control in Andhra Pradesh, kills more than a dozen

Sunday, April 23, 2017

More than fifteen people were killed near the police station in Yerpedu, Andhra Pradesh, India after a heavily loaded truck lost control on Friday afternoon at about 1:45 P.M. IST (0815 UTC).

People, mostly from the village of Munagalapalem, were gathered to protest local illegal sand mining. The truck hit an electric pole, and destroyed nearby shops and vehicles causing a short-circuit and fire. Tirupati Urban Superintendent of Police R Jayalakshmi said the truck crushed some people under its wheels; six people were killed that way according to Renigunta deputy superintendent KS Nanjndappa. Other people died due to the short circuit and the fire. More than fifteen people were injured including the police station’s chief inspector and the sub-inspector. Reportedly at least ten were in a critical condition.

The driver fled after the accident. Victims were taken to hospitals in Tirupati, and Chennai and Vellore in Tamil Nadu. N Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra’s Chief Minister, said via Twitter, “State Cabinet has announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh [0.5 million] to the families of the deceased.”


Woman finds human finger in bowl of chili at Wendy’s restaurant

Thursday, March 24, 2005

San Jose, California — A woman eating a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant bit into a chewy bit that turned out to be a human finger. She immediately spat it out, warned other patrons to stop eating, and upon recognizing the object as a finger, vomited.

“I’m more of a Carl’s Jr. person,” the 39-year-old Las Vegas woman, Anna Ayala, told Knight Ridder. She said this incident was her first visit to a Wendy’s restaurant. Ayala described how she found the finger, “Suddenly something crunchy was in my mouth,” she continued, “and I spit it out.”

According to Devina Cordero, 20, after Ayala found the finger, she ran up to her and Cordero’s boyfriend and said, “Don’t eat it! Look, there’s a human finger in our chili.”

“We went up to the counter and they told us it was a vegetable,” Cordero continued. “The people from Wendy’s were poking it with a spoon.”

The restaurant is located at 1405 Monterey Highway, just south of downtown San Jose.

Wikinews reporter David Vasquez drove his car up to the drive-thru menu and found that chili was still on the menu, at a price of US$1.19 for a small serving. He also witnessed workers unloading supplies from a semi-trailer truck in the restaurant’s parking lot, and carting them into the back door of the establishment.

According to Ben Gale, director of environmental health for Santa Clara County, the finger did not come from any of the employees at the restaurant. “We asked everybody to show us they have 10 fingers and everything is OK there,” he said. The found portion of the finger likely belonged to a woman because of its long and manicured fingernail, also found in the food.

Officials seized the food supply at the restaurant and are tracing it back to the manufacturer, where they believe the finger may have gotten mixed in with the raw ingredients used to prepare the chili. The restaurant’s operators were later permitted to re-open after preparing new chili prepared from fresh ingredients.

As this story was filed, there was no mention of the incident on the Wendy’s corporate web site. Wendy’s issued a statement through a spokesman.

“Food safety is of utmost importance to us,” said Wendy’s spokesman Joe Desmond. He referred to the incident as an “unsubstantiated claim.”

“We are cooperating fully with the local police and health departments with their investigation. It’s important not to jump to conclusions. Here at Wendy’s we plan to do right by our customers,” Desmond said.

According to county health officials, the unfortunate woman who bit into the finger is doing fine, despite her initial reaction. Officials also noted that the finger would have been cooked at a high enough temperature to destroy any viruses.

The Santa Clara county medical examiner reported that the finger had a solid fingerprint, although investigators did not say if a search of fingerprint databases would be performed to find the owner of the finger.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

How To Get Rid Of Ganglion Cyst

By Gracie Roloff

Ganglion cysts causes are unknown until now however most women are experiencing this. This type of cyst usually grows on the shoulders, hands, and wrist or even on top of our joints. It is watery and painful when being pressed. If a person have a ganglion cyst on her hands, it would be difficult for her to hold a book, or other same weight materials. It usually starts when you bump your hands or shoulders on to hard objects. The part of your body that was being bumped will eventually swell and have a balloon-like structure in it. Its size normally reaches up to like a golf ball. If you are doing repetitious jobs like typing, ganglion cysts may occur. As what other people say, ganglion cyst is not contagious and is free from harm. Its size will change as to how much liquid is inside the balloon.

Getting rid of ganglion cyst is easy and most people use the basic way of doing it. That is bursting them with a book and pressing it until the liquid inside will come out. They said trying this method would help prevention of cyst in coming back. The harder you press it, the more liquid will flow out and will usually heal its crack. On the contrary, surgeons do not advise pressing ganglion cyst with hard objects for this will cause recurrence of cysts. Instead, injecting steroids on the cysts will help prevent the cyst from coming back. The only disadvantage is that there are side effects that steroids may cause to other people. Applying ice on the swollen area will help the pain to relieve and prevents it from swelling.

YouTube Preview Image

The fastest way to relieve the pain of ganglion cyst and to get rid of it is surgery. Doctors will apply a minimal operation to it and will get all the liquids inside and help them stop recurring. However, surgery will take 6-8 weeks for you to recover. Another method is homoeopathy. It is said to be helpful in reducing the size of the cyst and will even help extract the liquid inside or, it will make your own tissues reabsorb the liquid back into your body. These different methods are all effective in their own ways. Nevertheless, it is always up to the patient what methods to choose in getting rid of ganglion cyst.

What you’re going to find is that surgery is going to be more than likely the way to go. You have probably seen videos already online of people trying to smash it with a book, and the problem with this is that you can do more damage than good. What you will find out is that if you try to smash too hard, you can break your wrist, or just put yourself in more pain.

The best way to deal with the issue is to talk with your family doctor. He/she will be able to recommend the best solution for your cyst. Most of the time, it will be a simple surgery.

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