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Showers Of Crepe Paper

Showers of Crepe Paper



Bridal showers and baby showers are a lot of fun and decorating them in crepe paper is a great inexpensive way to decorate for both types of showers. So we will call this article Showers of Crepe Paper!

In this article we will look at some of the ways you can bring a bridal or baby shower to life with beautiful crepe paper decorations!

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Bridal Showers

One of the most popular and common bridal shower decorations that can be made out of crepe paper is paper flowers. For a bridal shower you can make all sorts of floral arrangements such as; centerpieces, candle centerpieces and free-flowing arrangements. Some people also choose to make an archway or entranceway arrangement that can be hung over the doorway.

Gift bags are often closed and a stem-less paper flower can be attached as a decoration that the guests can take home with them. Or often times a single flower vase is made for each guests to take home as a thank you gift.

Flowers have been and always will be a huge part of a bridal shower and or wedding even if the bride does not care for flowers or claims she does not have a green thumb for the real ones. Luckily for her she does not have to worry about killing her paper flowers because she forgot to water, feed or remove them from the scorching sun.

Another huge benefit for brides is they can keep the flowers used to decorate the bridal shower and recycle them to decorate the church or reception so the flowers never go to waste.

Baby Showers

Paper flowers are not as popular at baby showers as they are at bridal showers but there is certainly plenty of room for gorgeous crepe paper flowers at a baby shower.

If the gender of the baby is known then you can make your paper flower centerpieces out of girl or boy colors. This does make it easier for the woman or women in charge of making the flowers but on the other hand it can be a lot of fun to make flowers of all different colors.

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Showers of Crepe Paper