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Questions For Michigan Wedding Rentals

Submitted by: Robert Reno

When interviewing potential reception rental vendors, make sure you have an idea of what you are looking for, approximate guest list, and ideal locations. The more detailed your answers, the closer they will be able to estimate your packaged price. We have below several important questions to ask companies when meeting. You can use this guideline for linens, limos, Michigan Photo Booths, china, chairs, lighting design, florists, lounge furniture, and decor.

What Questions to Ask Michigan Wedding Rentals

Find out the things the company can rent you. Majority of vendors will try to stick with one service. However, others will try to offer a variety for you to choose from. This is great, because it can save you time and money in the long run. Keep in mind, that the company might have a wider selection than what you see on their website or brochure.

How much is this going to cost me? Do you have a pricing sheet? A handful of companies try to give an all inclusive experience, while some have a few packages. The more diverse their packages, the better it is with working with your budget. It is important that the company can easily walk you through the reason for the pricing differences.

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When was the last time you worked at my banquet hall? There are tons of halls in Michigan, and they are constantly being remodeled. Their perspective will play a huge role in what options they can bring to the table. You also have to consider possible problems with logistics. Reputable vendors will be able to give honest feedback on what works best with the venue. These recommendations will be based on recent clients and future booked events. Remember that there is not any one way to plan a reception, they should be on the same wave length with your vision.

Is there any charge for delivery, setup and teardown? Which packages include this? Going back to logistics, this is also very important. Not every vendor will travel a couple hours to your wedding, while others will take the ferry all the way to Mackinac Island. There is a lot of stress involved with setting up the rental equipment. Try to negotiate your package, so that take-down is also included. The last thing any bride would want is for the chiavari chair company to pick up the equipment the next day, and the hall charged you an overnight storage fee.

What are the exact times for equipment delivery and pickup? Have these times wrote out into your contract. There are many issues with events being ruined because of the wrong information. The most important element of your reception is the part that goes haywire. Your wedding has to be flawless. Just recently we were at a reception where the linen company was fifteen chair covers short. It turns out the couple made last minute changes to the head count without notifying the linen company. They drove 45 minutes during 5 o clock traffic to make sure they weren t short. Try to give your other vendors a heads up on last minute changes.

Who moves the decor between the ceremony and reception locations? You might consider this with your florist. You spent the money on the flowers; don t let them go to waste! So who s going to ensure they get to their final destination safe and sound. It never hurts to ask.

Outdoor receptions/ceremonies require tents. Does your company recommend a large tent or several smaller tents? We all know that everything has a price and different spaces require different sizes/layouts. Tents are great for the larger than life outside vibe. Tents allow your parents to invite a bunch of people that you never met or heard of before Don t forget that you have to feed all those strangers. Tents also need a small army of people to build, air-condition, decorate, and teardown. The cost ratio will be labor vs. square footage. You can stack this side by side to a banquet hall. It almost equals out to be the same in the long run.

Do you have any policies on lost or broken rentals? These policies are common, because things tend to happen. Linens are always lost or misplaced with the halls linens. Count your blessings if everything goes perfect, but expect the unexpected. Try to have your vendor give you a worst case scenario before the wedding. They should also tell you beforehand of any special requirements they might need regarding your package.

What number can I call if I need to reach your office the day of my event? You also want this person to have easy access to your information so they are completely aware of your contract details.

What is the latest I can reserve your service? Popular companies tend to be snatched up quickly. Typically busy dates are reserved over a year out. Some places managed several weddings on a single Saturday. The company should never over book the date, it is crucial they have a backup plan for emergencies.

Explain to me what happens if I cancel? We all know that a lot can change a year from now. We don t expect things to happen, but then again we don t want them to. Companies that handle 50+ clients a year run into these situations a couple times every year. The company should have no problem in walking your through the cancellation policy. Remember that these wedding companies turn down thousands of dollars in business to reserve your date.

Will I have to pay a deposit? How must is the retainer, and when do I have to put the money down? It is common practice to pay up to 50% when singing your contract to reserve the date. Also most reputable companies require final payment of the outstanding balance two weeks before your big day.

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