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Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Pros And Cons

By Joe R. Maldonado

Shopping for a life insurance policy is overwhelming, so knowing the equity indexed universal life insurance pros and cons will help you make a sound decision. These policies havent been around too long, but they offer the highlights from the fixed whole life policies and the variable life insurance. This type of life insurance is permanent, and as long as you keep up on your payments there is a permanent death benefit. A great benefit is the reserve fund. This can be used later in life (when the premiums are likely to be higher) to help offset payments.

How does Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance (EIUL) Work?

Every time you pay your premium it gets invested by the insurance company into their general account. Then they take the money from their general account and invest it in stocks with options. You would get something like a certificate of deposit at this time. If all goes well, you get a part of the profits. Even if the stocks fall, you can still count on the minimum credit rating.

What about Taxes?

When it comes to taxes, most of the time Congress looks favorably on life insurance policies. You dont get to deduct your paid premiums, but the growth on the cash value of your policy will remain tax free. Also, as long as your policy is open you can have access to the cash value of your policy any time you wish, tax free. If you are below age 59 you will not get the 10% penalty which is usually placed on any withdrawal profits. Furthermore, if your policy is in effect you will not have to deal with capital gains tax or even income tax on the withdrawal proceeds. People who arent able to receive other types of retirement accounts or benefits love EIUL policies.

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The Pros:

Great tax incentives

Cash value may be used without restrictions

In the event of the policyholders death, the beneficiary receives a tax-free cash death benefit

The cash value will usually retain protection by creditors (this depends upon the state in which you live)

Cash value does not count when your family is attempting to receive any type of financial aid

You would be guaranteed a minimum credit rating

The Cons:

Compared to other savings policies, equity indexed universal life insurance policies have a bit of a high fee base. You pay commissions upfront, so you may be paying for several years before you get to the point where you are breaking even as far as the cash value matching what youve paid.

You have to really put a lot of funds into these.

If you dont put enough funds in, you wont have enough cash value to keep your policy going in the later years of your life. Then you will end up having to figure out if you want to let the policy go, or pay the premiums to keep it going.

You must weigh out the equity indexed universal life insurance pros and cons to determine whether this will be the best choice for you and your family as far as the long term.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies 5 Steps Cut Price By 50% Or More

By Jim Kibler

Auto insurance companies read this and Save 50% or more on your car insurance by learning how to buy cheaper auto insurance.

Everybody has their own idea as to which insurance company is actually the best but the truth of the matter is the best insurance company is the one that can give you and I do mean you the best insurance for the lowest price.

People have references when it comes to insurance companies and that preference may be determined by how many times you watch their commercials on television. We are overwhelmed by some company commercials telling us that they have the most discounts and the lowest prices and the best service and the friendliest people. What are you supposed to believe?

Do not let anyone tell you how to decide what to believe. Do your own research and then make up your own mind and you will make good decisions.

How to Lower your Car Insurance Rates with Insurance Companies:

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1. Drop Comprehensive Insurance

You can save money on your car insurance by just getting a straight liability policy. Every state with the exception of a few requires people to have liability insurance and that’s all you really need. This will save you 20% or more on your insurance.

You will not be able to go with liability insurance if your car is financed because the finance companies will insist that you have comprehensive insurance in order to protect their investment.

2. Raise Deductible

If you raise a deductible up from $200 per accident to over $1000 per accident you will save a straight 40% on your car insurance.

It is always a good idea before raising your deductible to make sure that you have enough money on hand that you can pay any cost out of your pocket in the event you may cause an accident.

3. Park your Car in a Safe Spot

If you park your car locked garage you can save money on your car insurance as opposed to parking at a street in a high crime area.

4. Buy Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance from the Same Company

If you do this you will get another 10% or more discount. I do this myself and even the direct automobile insurance companies cannot match the rates then I get with my company.

5. Good driving record will get you 10% discount. Be very concerned about what your driving record because automobile insurance companies love safe drivers and will reward them with lower rates.

If you have any issues with your driver license such as moving traffic violations, or if you have caused any accidents within the last five years go to traffic school and have the points removed from your license and then notify your insurance company.

Safety features. Make your car has safety features such as seat belts, airbags and antilock brakes. Any car without these features is going to cost more for insurance.

Best auto insurance companies are the ones that can give you low rates for your car insurance and any insurance company can be the best if you take advantage of the discounts.

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Orchard Credit Card Take Advantage Of The Benefits

By Morgan Hamilton

It’s not surprising that Orchard credit cards from HSBC finance have become one of the fastest growing credit cards in the United States. With policies to make the consumer swoon, they have taken their rightful place among the country’s credit card elite. If you are a consumer thinking about adding a card to your credit repertoire, you could do a lot worse than HSBC finance and their line of Orchard credit cards. Here’s a few reasons why Orchard credit cards are leading the way into the new millennium.

Free Online Bill Pay

In today’s internet driven world, more and more companies and people are turning away from snail mail and paper checks as a way of doing business. That way of paying bills is outdated, outmoded, and frankly far too slow. It wastes money, time, stamps, and checks. The much preferred way is to pay your bills online, but not every company offers this option. Orchard credit cards do, and this is just another reason why they refuse to be left behind in the race for credit card supremacy.

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Protection Against Theft And Loss

Orchard credit cards have a strict policy that protects their customers should they lose their credit card or have it stolen. Lost and stolen credit cards can cause a world of difficulty for the credit card owner. Fraudulent charges can appear, and without a solid policy in place, you may find yourself jumping through hoops so as not to be responsible for the charges. Thankfully, Orchard Bank understands that this is no way to run a business in the 21st century. For this reason, there is a zero liability policy in place, which should comfort the worried consumer thoughtful on matters of identity theft, card theft, and lost cards.

Mastercard Accepted Around The World

With an Orchard Bank Mastercard, you can be assured of rarely running into the problem of having your card declined because the business doesn’t accept the card. If you have an American Express card or a Discover card, you may have found this isn’t the case. Nearly every company that accepts credit cards to begin with, accepts Mastercard. This can assure you that whether you find yourself in Topeka, London, or Rome, you won’t be left out in the cold with only your billfold to pay for purchases.

Worldwide Cash Access

If you are in a place where Mastercard is accepted, you will also have access to cash advances through the Orchard credit card. This can come in very handy if you are faced with an activity or purchase that must be paid for in cash. Orchard credit card rates for cash advances are reasonable (though cash advances are never the best idea if you can avoid them), and it is for this reason among the others listed above that the Orchard credit card has taken the country by storm.

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Apply For Low Apr Credit Cards And Stop Wasting Money

By Morgan Hamilton

Comparing low APR credit cards can be your first step towards substantial savings if you currently carry a monthly credit card balance. Let us first define exactly what APR is. APR is short for annual percentage rate and is basically the effective rate of interest that a borrower will pay on a loan.

Stated another way, APR is the total cost of credit that a consumer will pay, including one time fees. It is expressed on an annualized basis to make it easier to compare loan options offered through different lenders. In the United States the lenders, in our case the credit card companies, are required by law to disclose their rates to the consumer.

The concept of APR can be applied to such financial instruments as auto loans and savings accounts as well. Comparing low APR credit cards online is a rather easy task when you go to a quality web site such as It is a secure site that lists well over 130 cards from the top issuers in the industry.

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Transferring high interest balances from existing cards is beneficial for two reasons; first off, the savings realized by transferring to low APR credit cards are immediate. You can literally save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on the size of the balance you carry.

And secondly, because you are paying less out on interest, you will be able to increase the amount you pay on the principle, thereby paying the card off quicker. Of course, this will require financial discipline, but the savings realized is well worth the effort. We would all like to increase our incomes. Sometimes the best way to do that is by cutting expenses.

You will find that most credit card companies will offer low interest cards, including issuers such as Discover Card and American Express. Be sure to read the terms of service carefully. In many cases the interest rate being offered will be an introductory rate that will expire in six months to one year. These are important details that must not be overlooked.

You need a good to excellent credit rating to be approved for low APR credit cards. If you are unsure of your current credit history, I suggest taking advantage of one of the many services that allow you to obtain your credit score. It is always a good idea to periodically check your credit record.

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