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Terrazzo Flooring Stays Beautiful In High Traffic Areas

byAlma Abell

Architects and interior designers are always looking for beautiful, durable flooring material that can hold up in high-traffic areas such as lobbies or waiting areas. This dilemma arises during the design of schools, hospitals, and businesses with lots of foot traffic, and it’s also an issue for homeowners who entertain often. Keep reading to learn more about why terrazzo flooring often ranks highest as the best solution for many of these applications.

Designed to be Tough

The manufacturing process for terrazzo flooring produces strong and long-lasting tiles. Granite is combined with a mixture of quartz, porcelain, recycled glass or decorative stone. Then, the material is bonded together in a resilient resin, which is polished to a high shine. Typically, terrazzo flooring never has to be resealed.

No Fuss, No Muss

Non-porous terrazzo flooring seals out contaminants that could threaten the integrity of the tiles. Easy cleanup involves damp mopping with a mild cleanser periodically and spot mopping messes. Except in extreme circumstances, your terrazzo floors won’t need to be polished or resealed to stay beautiful, even in high-traffic entrances.

Easy to Install

You can install terrazzo directly over existing flooring. Because the material is so flexible, installers can use a diamond cutting disc to create tiles with a radius up to 27.5 inches. These large, lightweight tiles are easy to transport to job sites and install quickly. Terrazzo flooring often requires less grout work due to the large tile format.

So, if you are looking to replace your existing flooring with an updated look that will last for many years, consider terrazzo flooring for your home or business.

Since early 2000, Trend Group has produced Terrazzo Floor Tile that brings a unique beauty and custom flooring to your home. Trend Terrazzo Tile is happy to bring back the timeless class of terrazzo floors.


Two Ecommerce Web Designing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

byAlma Abell

If being better than your competitors is something you’re interested in, you’ll want to incorporate this important web design trend in your website.

Hidden Menus

These aren’t menus that are entirely hidden, to the point of being unfindable – instead, they’re a more dynamic and responsive evolution of the already wildly successful hamburger menu.

A simple hidden menu, however, offers a heavy-duty versatility, and what amounts to light-weight minimalism. When implemented by an ecommerce web design expertlike Design of Web, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Story Telling

Another design trend that is taking the world by storm for online ecommerce platforms – especially lifestyle retailers, such as watchmakers, clothing stores and designer brands – is storytelling, specifically from the heart of the manufacturers or product/service creators, giving anecdotes of positivity and perseverance relating to their offer.

Take a software company that sells its products online. Storytelling ecommerce web design can make the products much more appealing by showing the human side to the development behind a product, a perfect way to advertise.

Take these two trends – a mechanical trend that makes navigation simple, and design beautiful, and a marketing trend that will improve the associations your customers will make with your product, and most likely massively increase your leads – and you will get ahead of the competition.


Choosing A Reputable Air Conditioning Service In Corona, Ca

byAlma Abell

If you have a situation where your Corona, California home has an air conditioner that needs to be replaced, you want to be very careful to choose a reputable company to handle any issues you may be having with your homes Air Conditioning in Corona, CA. The reason for this is that there are many different air conditioning companies within this area and not all of them have your best interests at heart.

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For example, if your system is obviously too old to be properly repaired, a less reputable HVAC contractor may try to go ahead and repair your unit even though they know that there is little they can do to get the air conditioning system running at peak efficiency. They’ll make expensive repairs, get a few extra dollars in their pocket and then they’ll tell you that the only thing they can do to rectify the situation is to replace the air conditioning system, which is something that they knew all along.

A reputable company won’t do this to you. A reputable air conditioning company will assess the situation correctly the first time and inform you that your only option is to replace the entire system. While this can be difficult and can be expensive, it’s much better than spending money on useless repairs only to find out that your system will need to be replaced.

The other thing a quality air conditioning company will do for you is to assist you in choosing the right unit for your home. The air conditioning company will take measurements of the interior of your home and match up your home’s square footage with a unit that is capable of cooling your home’s interior spaces. From there, you can purchase the system and you can have this quality air conditioning company install your new system.

The last thing you want is for a suspect air conditioning company to bleed you dry of money. That’s why taking the time and choosing a quality company for any service or replacement of your Air Conditioning in Corona, CA is a necessity. Not only will choosing the right company help you to save money, it will help keep your home cool and comfortable when the weather gets warm.