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Self confidence is a belief in one’s own abilities and talents the way one thinks and believes will have an impact on his or her decisions. Gaining self confidence is a process in itself and one cannot have it overnight. To develop a positive image and be successful one has to have self confidence. It is the key to move towards success in a right direction. It as well as gives us the liberty to commit mistakes and cope with failure and simultaneously help us in dealing with it. Self-confidence develops from the confidence one has in own self. To gain self-confidence, one has to adopt a few strategies: Firstly one should always have a positive thought that will help in achieving and realizing one’s own dreams and goals.During my recent visit to Dubai I had the privilege of taking part in a Conference for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. More than 400 local UAE business leaders were competing for the Business Decision Maker of the Year Award. Each business leader had just 20 minutes to describe two strategic decisions they’d taken the previous year and describe the impact of their decisions on both their business and leadership. I was truly amazed and inspired as I listened to all the innovative resolutions that some of the delegates had executed. Truth is each one of us has the ability to come up with creative and amazing decisions. It’s just that mainly of us don’t tap into this potential as often as we could. The overriding criterion for being a skillful decision maker, besides being creative, is having accessible alternatives and an abundance of confidence. To begin with, it’s easy to choose to stay in the comfort zone with limited means of thinking and rely on what’s worked for you in the past.

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One should have an intense desire to reach the preferred goal with a worthy purpose. Make a note of one’s strengths and weaknesses: Listing down the strengths and weaknesses helps you in realizing your ability. Strengths help you in moving forward to achieve your goal and one can then focus on how to improve the weaknesses. One should never be afraid of showing positive strengths and qualities to others. Eliminate all negative thoughts of failure from the mind. Focus on how to achieve the goal. Always appreciate the positive things in yourself and recognize it. This helps in gaining confidence and can do wonders to people.

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Always think of a positive outcome. If it comes out positive it is ok but if it is negative try it once again. Never give up trying. Success once achieved through hard work raises the bar of self confidence. Even if one has achieved and reached a goal, never believe it to be over. One goal leads to another and by doing so one gains confidence in oneself. They say appearances are deceptive but we are often judged on the basis of how we carry ourselves and how well we interact with people. Maintaining a straight posture and walking confidently has a positive impact. Always be happy and show a positive feeling. Smile to sum up, to gain self-confidence one should always be positive and think positively to convert the weaknesses into strengths. With strong determination and following the plan given above one can surely improve the self-confidence.

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