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Nerf Raider Cs 35, The Best Toy Gun This Year?

Have you seen Nerf raider cs 35? Yes, it’s the newest dart blaster from Nerf. If you recognize nerf, then you must know other great toy gun form nerf. This Nerf Cs-35 released this september and easily gain so much attention from the kids. There are so many nice video featuring this dart blaster, how great it is, easy to use and really fun. With this gun, you can make an elite force team with all the nerf collection.

Vulcan EBF-25 was so good. It became the popular dart gun that moment. Untill now kids still love it, since it different with others before. When you look at it, just make you like Ramboo. And it’s not fake, 3 darts per second is the blast rate. Wow, an automatic toy gun, wonderful. Although many people said that vulcan easily jammed after you’re playing with it for a while, but others said it depends on how you use it.

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Different with vulcan, the Nerf Raider CS-35 most likely single shot, not automatic. The 35 darts contained in a special drum magazine, ready to blast your opponent. No need to use battery, simce all the mecanisme is manual. All the energy used to launch the darts coming from manual pumping each time before we shoot the dart. This is the advantage, no more jamming darts, no low battery or other annoying thing. With this gun, you can choose 2 mode, single shot mode or multiple shot mode.

Very user friendly easy to use, just follow the instruction provided in the box. Just 5 minutes and you’re ready for battle. If you still having difficulty, just go to, and search for the video, you will find a good video explanation about how to assemble this gun.

When it’s ready, try to pump it and blast it. There are two modes to use. You can choose whether using the single shot mode or the multiple shot mode.

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