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Serenity Hospice Celebrates Life With Our Mission


It may come as a shock to a family when it is first suggested that hospice care may now be the best choice for their loved one. Hospice is suggested when there are no further medical treatment options to cure the issue. As difficult as it may be to face the inevitable, the goal of hospice care is to allow someone to face the end of their life with dignity and as high a quality of life as possible.

Most people want to spend their last days in their own homes rather than a hospital. They want to be able to be visited by friends and relatives, remember past days with treasured photos and mementos and eat their favourite foods instead of hospital fare. They wish to be able to sit outdoors if they are able and enjoy the sunshine. There may be a treasured pet that they were missing while in the hospital. Even the best hospital cannot provide the comfort of simply being at home.

Hospice provides a way for this to become possible. Compassionate pain management is a high priority. Working with the patient’s physician and the family, the hospice team will determine what is needed in order to provide the best quality of life during this period. Some of the services that families often need for in-home care are assistance with grooming and bathing, managing medications, and medical equipment.

The hospice team provides an invaluable support network to family caregivers. Without this support, it would frequently be impossible for family caregivers to care for their loved one at home. By the time that hospice care becomes needed, family caregivers may have been providing care for months or years and simply become mentally and physically exhausted. Professional, compassionate assistance makes all the difference.

Inpatient care may be needed at some point. Unlike a traditional hospital setting, inpatient hospice care is dedicated to offering a peaceful, compassionate environment for the patient and family and the celebration of life. When the time comes, bereavement support services help the family deal with their loved one’s passing.

Serenity Hospice and Palliative Care provides a wide range of home and inpatient hospice services in Phoenix, AZ, declaring that, “Serenity Hospice Celebrates Life with Our Mission.” Hospice care focuses on the quality of life for the patient and good memories for the family. If hospice care has been recommended, “Serenity Hospice Celebrates Life with Our Mission.”

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