How To Install A Aftermarket Radio In Bmw E87

By Jack Wylde


10 & 13mm sockets Ratchet Wrench Flat Head Screwdriver Phillips Head Screwdriver Electrical Tape Coat Hanger or similar object Electric Drill 1/8″ Drill Bit for Metal Dremel Tool (optional) Sandpaper (optional)


First pick out an aftermarket head unit. When selecting head unit keep in mind some will interface with steering wheel controls, but others will not, so you may lose that feature in your car. Second you will need a wire harness although you will not use the entire harness. You need RCA cables, Speaker, wire (some type of connector), and some tools, an aftermarket radio trey for your new cd player, an antenna adapter.

Note: with the double din you create the space by taking the sunglass case out and your ac control unit will fit in that space. That is how the navigation units are set up out of the factory. You will also need an amplifier kit you can simple purchase a battery wire in line fuse they also make a breaker box version now so you do not have to replace fuses. A ground wire and use a blue wire to run you amplifier remote.

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Note: before proceeding with wiring unplug the battery.

You will have to do some wiring for the CD player. Also the only wires you will have to run are the RCA, and remote wire. The remote is in the trunk, but I prefer to use the CD player. If you are going to add subs and another amplifier you will need to run your remote from the starter.

Now with the CD player follow the wire diagram that comes with the aftermarket wire harness, but do not wire in the speakers cap them off. Next it is time to get to work in the trunk, First figure out where you are going to mount your new amplifier then Remove the old amplifier put in a box to restore to factory or sell on eBay.

Next you can get your wire guide out of your service manual. You are going to slice into the wire harness to the speaker wires going out, use you speaker wire to do this. I take some tape and label each wire as I do this.

Once you complete this you will plug your RCA and remote into the amplifier. Next you will run your battery wire, and ground wire. Make sure you put the inline fuse in place about 12 inches from the battery. Hook the amp up.

Note: when doing your install in the trunk remove all the carpet.

Now it is time to hook your speaker wire in the appropriate terminals on your amplifier, and connect your battery backup.


Now test your system and make adjustments. Note: if your amp does not have base block built in you will need to purchase base blockers for all speakers expect the large door speakers, and year speakers.

A word about the radio installation kit you are about to install. There are many manufacturers of radio installation kits for this vehicle. Each manufacturer produces slightly different variations of the same kit, and a few make individual kits for specific vehicles. The pictured installation kit shown in the illustrations below is a standard kit used for many. Radio installation kits change with the model and years of production of the vehicle. When selecting a kit for this vehicle, make sure the kit you purchase states on the package the installation kit will work with your vehicle model and year. Some kits may require additional setup. Certain kits may be multi function kits designed to work with multiple vehicles and may require the installer to remove break away screw mounting tabs attached to the kit that are not required for your particular vehicle.

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