When And Why To Get Professional Rug Cleaning In Chesapeake Va


Proper rug cleaning is a job that requires specialized knowledge and special equipment. It is not a job to be attempted by an amateur when the rug is of significant value. Rugs differ from carpets in that they lack padding, are movable, and are more fragile in their fibrous makeup than carpet — some, significantly so. Rug composition runs the gamut from rubber backed synthetics to the rarest of hand tied silks and woven wools. By calling for professional rug cleaning chesapeake va you avoid inadvertently ruining a priceless heirloom. The first thing a professional rug cleaning service does is examine each rug to determine its unique composition and condition as a prerequisite to designing a customized approach to its cleaning and treatment.

To tell if your rug needs cleaning, pull up a corner and pop the underside with the flat of your hand. A puff of dirt or dust indicates that your rug needs cleaning. Alternately, fold the rug under itself, in order to open the pile. If dirt is encrusted deep in the fibers close to the base, this, too, indicates a need for cleaning. professional rug cleaning Chesapeake VAwill remove more than just dirt and sand from your rugs; it also removes dust mites, allergens, hair and dried spills. Most professionals recommend that rugs that receive normal traffic be cleaned annually and those with less wear, as needed. Regular cleaning extends the life of your rugs and keeps them in looking their best.

The rug cleaning process typically involves using a mechanical duster to carefully “beat” the rug, breaking up deep-down caked dirt and sand while simultaneously removing it with a vacuum. This process removes about 80% of of the dust, pollen, and other dry dirt embedded deep in the carpet fibers. Next, cleaning agents appropriate for your particular rug will be used to thoroughly wash it front and back. If the rug has a fringe, it will be given individual care. The rug will be rinsed, and excess water removed. Last of all, the rug will be dried in a special dehumidifying room and given a careful final going over, and the pile and fringe will be brushed and combed. The final result will be one you can not only see, but also feel, a soft, fresh, vibrant and sweet-smelling rug to grace your home!

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