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India: Jodhpur police arrests man for ‘sacrifice’ of four-year-old daughter for Allah

Monday, June 11, 2018

On Saturday, in Rajasthan, India, Jodhpur district’s rural police arrested 26-year old Nawab Ali Qureshi for allegedly slitting the throat of, killing, his four-year-old as a “sacrifice” for Allah in the Islamic holy month of Ramzan.

Four-year-old Rizwana was the eldest of the two daughters of Nawab Ali Qureshi. She was killed in Piparcity on Thursday night. According to police, Rizwana’s mother Shabana had found her daughter missing, at about 3 AM, and later found Rizwana in a pool of blood. Shabana later lodged a complaint. “Investigation revealed the suspicious role of the father. His psychological questioning helped reveal clues. Ultimately he confessed to his crime”, read the police statement. Initially, Ali Quereshi blamed a cat for slitting the throat and killing Rizwana.

Rizwana was taken to a hospital but was pronounced dead. The police used dog squad and forensic science laboratory teams for investigation. Nawab Ali Qureshi was arrested after police interrogated the family members. They ruled out the likelihood of an outsider’s involvement. Qureshi had confessed his crimes to police saying he had “sacrificed” his “most beloved possession” and the devil had gotten into him when committing the crime.

“I had to sacrifice my most beloved possession for Allah” ((hi))Hindi language: ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ??, quoted police superintendent Rajan Dushyant from Qureshi. The accused told the police, “I am a devout Muslim and I love my daughter more than my life. For several days she was at her grandmother’s place and returned on Thursday. I took her to the marketplace and bought sweetmeats and fruits. In the night, I took her to the courtyard downstairs, recited a kalima, killed her, and went back to sleep upstairs.”Rizwana’s postmortem and burial ceremony were on Friday.


Microsoft to release patches for 64 security flaws on Tuesday

Friday, April 8, 2011

Microsoft announced Thursday that it plans to release seventeen security bulletins, known as patches, to address 64 security flaws on Tuesday. Nine of the patches are deemed “critical” and eight as “important.”

This is a huge update and system administrators should plan for deployment.

The enormous number of security flaws addressed in the April Patch update is a record for Microsoft. The company also released seventeen security bulletins in December, but these addressed 40 flaws, only two being rated as critical; also a record is the number of flaws being addressed in the update; the most previously addressed was 49 in the October 2010 update, reports Jason Miller of Shavlik Technologies.

The April update covers security vulnerabilities in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and various Windows Server editions, as well as versions of Office applications, Visual Studio, .NET Framework, Graphics Device Interface, Internet Explorer (IE) including IE6 (which Microsoft is seeking to discontinue) and other applications.

Although Microsoft did not provide details, Microsoft said the update will address a SMB browser bug, discovered in February, that could potentially cause a denial-of-service attack, and the Windows MHTML flaw which has allowed client-side scripts to be run by an attacker in “limited, targeted attacks,” Microsoft has said.

“This is a huge update and system administrators should plan for deployment,” disclosed Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys.


How Is Your Plumbing In Palm Springs, Ca?


Are your water pipes and hot water heater in working order? You can tell that you may have a possible problem by inspecting your system for leaks. Leaks are tell-tale clues that something may be wrong with the transmission of your water supply.

Avoid Major Expenses and Extensive Repairs

So, to avoid any real issues, ensure that your plumbing in Palm Springs, CA is regularly inspected. By making this a habit, you can avoid major flooding problems or leaking difficulties. By capturing a moisture problem or leaky condition early, you can offset major expenses and extensive repairs.

YouTube Preview Image

Where Leaks May Appear

When you call out a plumbing specialist, it is best to do so before a leak occurs. For example, you may have some leak problems if you notice water pooling around your hot water heater or toilet. Also, if you notice condensation on your pipes, some fractures may have surfaced that are beyond your notice.

Inspecting for Clogs

Besides leaks, plumbing professionals can also investigate the inside of pipes for obstructions or clogs. They can do this today by using a video camera that surveys the inside of a pipe. So, whether you have a leak or a clog, you can count on modern innovations to save the day.

Do You Hear Hissing?

In order to look for leaks, first check the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank. Sometimes the valve is directly plumbed into the drain and may have sprung a leak without your knowledge. If you cannot remove the drain pipe in order to find a leak, listen carefully. If it is hissing, you may have a problem.

Contact a Plumber

You also want to listen closely when locating leaks in toilets. Remove the top of the toilet’s tank. If you hear a hissing sound, then you need to call a plumber immediately. You also want to check the line that runs from the meter to the house or make it simple on yourself and, again, call a plumber.

To schedule an inspection, contact plumbers such as those represented on the website. Fill out a form online or give them a call as soon as possible. The sooner you have an inspection made, the better it will be for your overall peace of mind.


Woman returns home with Christmas turkey, a month after setting out

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Scottish woman who set out before Christmas to purchase a turkey finally made it home on Monday, after being cut off by snow for a month. Kay Ure left the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage on Cape Wrath, at the very northwest tip of Great Britain, in December. She was heading to Inverness on a shopping trip.

However on her return journey heavy snow and ice prevented her husband, John, from travelling the last 11 miles to pick her up. She was forced to wait a month in a friend’s caravan, before the weather improved and the couple could finally be reunited.

They were separated not just for Christmas and New Year, but also for Mr Ure’s 58th birthday. With no fresh supplies, he was reduced to celebrating with a tin of baked beans. He also ran out of coal, and had to feed the couple’s six springer spaniels on emergency army rations.

“It’s the first time we’ve been separated”, said Mr Ure in December. “We’ve been snowed in here for three weeks before, so we are well used to it and it’s quite nice to get a bit of peace and quiet.”


Former Louisiana Tech University President F. Jay Taylor dies aged 87

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F. Jay Taylor, the former president of Louisiana Tech University, died Sunday aged 87. Taylor held the post from 1962 until his retirement in 1987. During his tenure, Taylor made major changes to the university, securing funds to improve campus infrastructure. He started his career as a historian and was also a Naval aviator who served during World War II.

Dan Reneau, the current president of the university and vice president under Taylor, released a statement shortly after Taylor’s death. He paid tribute to the former president, saying, “Dr. Taylor was a great leader and great president. I was privileged to serve seven years under him as vice president. A senior statesman and point guard in the Tech family has fallen, and we will miss him greatly.”

While president of Louisiana Tech, Taylor worked on adding buildings to the site, as well as improving the school’s athletics program. He said in a 2003 interview that “[his] goal was to help bring Louisiana Tech onto the national and international scene.”

Taylor is survived by his wife, Lou. Funeral arrangements were not immediately announced.


Hackers attack Church of Scientology website

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wikinews has learned that according to an Internet posting made just over 24 hours ago, the Church of Scientology‘s website is being attacked by hackers, causing the site to shut down.

The attack was launched on Wednesday by a user labelled “Anonymous”, on the website “Insurgency Wiki”, a spinoff of 4chan. The “History” section of the site explains, in a satirical fashion, that the incident was prompted by the Church of Scientology’s attempts to remove a promotional video featuring Scientologist Tom Cruise from YouTube. Though YouTube is complying with the Church of Scientology’s requests to take down the video, other sites such as have stated that they will keep hosting the video.

So far, it’s the Internet: 1, Scientology: 0. But it’s a long game.

Writing in a blog post, Matthew Ingram of The Globe and Mail dubbed the ongoing conflict involving the Church of Scientology’s attempts to remove the Cruise video from the Internet: “Scientology vs. the Internet, part XVII”. He characterized the conflict between the Church of Scientology and anonymous posters of the Cruise video as “another small skirmish in a war that Scientology has been waging for almost 15 years, since the early days of newsgroups such as alt.religion.scientology, which posted internal church documents in 1994. Lawsuits have been filed, mailing lists have been shut down, homes of discussion group participants have been raided and their computers seized — an all-out war.”

Prompted I think by the Tom Cruise video, a new obsession is taking hold on the internet. An insurgency against The Church of Scientology.

One poster admitted to being a part of the effort, writing in a blog post “I have myself, as per instructions, loaded up Gigaloader and started bombarding the Scientology homepage. Theres [sic] something in the hilarious anarchy of the net that produces these ‘events’ every now and again.” The poster wrote that “Prompted I think by the Tom Cruise video, a new obsession is taking hold on the internet. An insurgency against The Church of Scientology.”

“Someone emailed me earlier today talking about a tool a group’s been using to attack the scientology website. It’s an interesting tool, created to overload/create malformed strings and crash a website’s database,” said the post by an unknown author on pigmy.

The Church’s website is currently unreachable. Some individuals reported that when they are able to reach the site, all they get is a message stating, “The word scientology means search for truth…”. As of 15:11 GMT the site was accessible again, but only loads at relatively slow speeds, and by the end of the day Saturday the site was not loading at all.

Posts on the message board for the Scientology-critic site Operation Clambake from Friday theorized that a denial-of-service attack had occurred, and wrote that as of Friday the site was either not loading at all, or loading very slowly. Critics of Scientology at the Internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology were critical of the attacks to the Church of Scientology website, with one poster writing “How can people look at both sides if one side is gone?”

Traffic to the Scientology website had already increased 18-fold prior to the attack, following increased attention after the Tom Cruise video appeared on the Internet. At that time, one in three visits to the site came from BBC News, and the website increased to number 3 in the company Hitwise UK’s Lifestyle-Religion category.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.


Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green Party candidate Gordon Kubanek, Nepean Carleton

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gordon Kubanek is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Nepean-Carleton riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.


Four year-old boy battered with a brick in East Yorkshire

Saturday, August 26, 2006

In what Humberside Police are describing as a “nasty” attack, a four year-old boy was left with a fractured skull after being battered with a brick. The incident happened on wasteland close to the child’s home in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

Charlie Davis was discovered by a couple on Thursday. He was in a puddle of blood and part of his ear was hanging off; doctors at Hull Royal Infirmary later performed surgery to repair it. He is still in hospital, and doctors say that his brain is not injured, despite having a fractured skull.

A spokeswoman from Humberside Police said: “This little boy has suffered a nasty attack and has some horrible injuries.”

Police think Charlie, who was playing with a friend, was molested by a male youth. His injuries suggest that he dragged the child across the ground, kicked him in the face, tied him to a tree and struck him with a brick.

The police spokeswoman added that police are pursuing several lines of inquiry. “There has been information suggesting possible suspects and these form one of the lines of inquiry being pursued.”

The assault is thought to have happened before lunchtime on Thursday next to Station Road which is near the Hull to Hessle railway line. “It is currently unclear how the child got to the area. He may have gone of his own accord, he might have been chased there or he may have been taken by someone against his will,” said the police spokeswoman.

Charlie, who was meant to be going on holiday with his family today, is too disturbed to talk to detectives about the incident. The spokeswoman said: “We do understand that the victim was struck with a brick which has resulted in his injuries. But, clearly, until police can get an account from the four-year-old victim it is not possible to confirm any more details of the incident.”


Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team beat Japan 80-49 in final game of pool play

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales —Last night, the Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team beat Japan 80–49 in their final game of pool play at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge taking place at at the Sport Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park and are through to the first place match.

The contrast between the two teams was seen in their wheels: almost every Australian player had a four wheeled chair that gave them increased stability while every single Japanese player had three wheels, which gave them great maneuverability. Japan played the aggressor throughout the match, with several players aggressively blocking with wheelchair on wheelchair contact. Both sides were loud, chanting defense, defense, defense when their side was on that side of the court.

The first quarter was closely fought, with Japan racking up 5 by 5:54 left in the first. They successfully took a lead of 17–16 by the end of the first quarter. They were unable to hold the lead, with Australia holding a 40–24 lead at the end of the first half. Australia’s lead at the end of the third was 61–34. While Japan increased their total points in the fourth quarter, they failed to defend against Australia who continued to answer back basket for basket for the game to end 80–49.

Australia plays in the first place match later today. Their London Paralympic campaign starts on August 30 against South Africa.