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What The Big Companies Don’t Want You To Know: How To Make Home Made Vaporizers.}

What the Big Companies Don’t Want you to Know: How to make Home Made Vaporizers.


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Vaporizers can also be made with the house hold items and simple methods. Earlier vaporizers were made at home as people had enough time and less money. But now days the situation is totally different, people are so engaged in their duties that they hardly have free time and due to their increasing purchasing power they hardly think of making their own. Moreover people are more conscious about look and feel of all the things they use and they want perfection in each thing so company made, good looking and efficient vaporizers are preferred.

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Few simple things are needed for making a vaporizer like a plastic bottle of three or more liter capacity, some wood, screws and an iron which is used for soldering. Method for making vaporizer is very simple. First of all cut the flat wood into a triangle and each side exactly eight inches. Clean it properly before painting or varnishing. The triangle is supposed to be the top of vaporizer. Find exact center of triangle and drill a smooth hole in it. The hole must be in that manner that the iron handle should fit in the hole. Choose a drill bit size such that the soldering iron handle can be set into the hole created by the drill and have the rim on the top (handle end nearest the element) sit on it so it doesn’t fall through. Make a hole with bit in the center of wooden triangular piece. Turn the triangular piece over and mark three spots each about one inch from the vertex each angle. Drill through each of these at a 15 degree angle with the smallest bit that the size screw you have will fit into. Take that wooden triangular to the top. Cut the plastic bottom piece off and cut out the middle of this piece. Fix the black piece on the hole in the triangle with the help of nails and wood. Use glue around the bottom of the black piece and fill in any cracks in it made in the removal from the bottle. Fill the holes in the wooden triangle with gum used to fix wooden parts. Put a screw in each of these holes and gently tap them with a hammer to set them exact on the hole. Pass the wire of soldering iron through the hole of the wooden triangle. Cut out the bottom of plastic bottle, make a nice hole as big as we can but so that it still will go into the black piece and fit. Now just attach a bowl and the vaporizer is ready for usage. Different bowls can be used according to user personal choice.

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