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Treat Your Coffee Tables With Care And Attention To Keep Them Beautiful.

Treat your coffee tables with care and attention to keep them beautiful.


Punjabi Sunil

I have seen some terrible looking

coffee tables

in my time, and I”d like to bet you have to. Rings where hot cups or plates have been placed, and horror of horrors cigarette burns.

coffee tables

tend to be a dumping ground for keys, post, bags, books and all of the TV/DVD/HiFi controls. We buy

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coffee tables

then proceed to pretty much ignore them. It’s such a shame, as the coffee table is an extremely useful piece of furniture.

Most of today’s

coffee tables

come in finishes that will withstand all of the knocks and bumps it’s likely to encounter during its life. That doesn’t mean you can treat it badly, withstanding knocks and bumps is far different from totally mistreating your table! Be honest, you really don’t pay much attention to your coffee table do you? It’s just there in your room and you forget about it. Think for a moment what your room would look like without its

coffee tables


Apart from the gaping hole where your coffee table was, you are likely to have lost storage space and a dumping ground for all and sundry items that have no where else to live.

coffee tables

are immensely useful pieces of furniture, as you will discover if you get rid of yours! We keep magazines, books and papers underneath them, TV remotes, our coffee mugs and possible tea lights or candles on top of them. Where would you put all of that ‘stuff’ if you didn’t have a coffee table? Most of it would lie untidily somewhere in a heap in my house.

So, if you have just bought a lovely new coffee table, what can you do to avoid it looking like a gnarled mistreated piece of wood in a few years time? Basically,

coffee tables

do need some attention, but to be perfectly honest they don’t need much to keep them looking like you just bought it. A daily wipe over with a soft cloth will keep dust at bay, don’t neglect any beadwork or carved work as dust can gather in such places and dull the wood.

Any proprietary furniture polish can keep your wood looking good and keep the sheen on the wood. Be mindful of how your table is finished, many

coffee tables

such as a waxed or plain finish will need to be treat slightly differently to say a varnish finish. Always observe any instructions you receive with your table from the supplier or manufacturer. Be careful what you place on top of your table, don’t put anything there that will scratch or score the wood. Don’t overload any shelves or drawers on your coffee table, as it will damage it in the end. In short just treat your

coffee tables

with a little respect and the odd bout of TLC and it will look great for many years to come.

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Coffee tables

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Selecting The Right Home Accents

Submitted by: Callie Morris

There are many ways to decorate a home inside and out; there are also some that can be used in both places like candles. They can be used inside to make a room appear warm and inviting and they can be used outside to set a mood of romance among the aroma and beauty of nature.

Home d cor is as diverse as the family that lives in the home, some people like the appeal of the modern d cor and home accents while others find beauty in Victorian home accents or antiques.

There are a few things that will help to determine what type of accents will look right in a home, there is the furnishings to consider, the colors of the walls, the amount of light in the room and materials. If a room in a home has dark colored walls and modern furnishings then Victorian accents may not bring the warmth and appeal the person would like. However, if the walls are a deep color and the furnishings are a Victorian style then Victorian accents would do well in this room to give it a finished look.

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Home accents come in many different materials such as glass, wood, metal, stone and others, which means that there is some type of home accent to complement any furnishings. Glass and metal often fit will with modern furnishings, while colored glass, wood or even stone will fit well with Victorian or antique furnishings.

Plants and lamps can also help to set a mood in a room for elegance and warmth and at the same time framed pictures of the family can lend a causal look to a room.

One thing that the person decorating with home accents must consider is how many colors should be added to a room, if the walls are colors other than white or off white, then they need to be a part of the rest of the d cor. At the same time the white or off white walls do not need to be incorporated into the d cor; they will fade away as color is added to the room. This leaves the decorator free to add several colors that compliment the furnishings.

The choices are endless when it comes to decorating outside on the deck or patio; today these are used as an extension of the living area for most families. There are furnishings for every taste and then the accents that can be added such as throws, candles, vases and lighting. These can make this outside area a cozy retreat for the family and with a natural background there is little need for wall d cor.

The main suggestion by professionals is to mix colors while not adding more than is needed in one area to make an inviting room. There are even some accents that can be mixed if done in a way that they do not stand out, like the modern furnishings mixed with antique lighting. This can give a room a dramatic effect when the right home accent is used.

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