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Youngevity Review. From A Third Party Perspective.}

Youngevity Review. From a Third Party Perspective.


Daniel Weinhofer

Youngevity is an international direct marketing company which has been reselling high quality products since inception in, 1997. Founded by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan originally as AL Global, Inc and changed to Youngevity in, 2006. Youngevity has satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers around the global with over a quarter of a billion in gross sales. Youngeivty is unique because not only are they strategically positioned within the health and wellness industry but also promotes other products in high demand markets.

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Products: Youngevity promotes probably a wider array of health and wellness products than any other company in the market place. The primary product line is made up of vitamins and mineral supplements to support a healthy lifestyle however it expands much greater. Additional products include high energy sports drinks, fruit & vegetalbe capsules, home & garden products, a diet line and even products for your pets. Youngevity also markets personal care products such as, shampoo & conditioner, a make up line and skin care products. Recently they entered into an agreement to market an eco-efficient fuel product. These are just the products sold under Youngevity and do not even include product marketed by the “Youngevity Family Companies”.Market: Youngevity is positioned to handle the needs and desires of the Baby Boomer. As the largest segment of our population grows older, with the oldest “Boomer” turning 65 in, 2011, the one thing they hold near and dear to their heart is maintaining their youth and vitality. Demand will continue to grow in this already multi-billion dollar industry. The only issue to consider is that Youngevity has literally thousands of other companies competing for these dollars.Leadership: Dr. Joel Wallach, co-founder of Youngevity has been involved in biomedical research and clinical medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Wallach has also co-authored text books and still travels the world giving health lectures which include information about becoming involved with Youngevity. “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie” was created by Wallach after years of research. Discovering that the life span of the average doctor in American is several years shorter than that of the average couch potato Dr. Wallach reveals his findings in this tape.. It’s estimated that approximately 46 million copies of this tape were sold worldwide and used by countless numbers of network marketing companies over the years to promote the need for nutritional supplements. This tape has been a great informational tool as well as an eye opener. Many people became distributors with a variety of different companies as a result however this method may be a little dated for growing a business with all the technological advances.Compensation Plan: Youngevity uses a unilevel compensation plan which rewards associates with up to 8 levels of compensation plus associates can qualify for generational overrides. Associates can also earn a “Quick Start Bonus” as well as leadership incentives called “Dream Bonus”. This well balanced compensation plan is capable of producing part time income to full time income and can even produce a substanital income for the associates who can build large teams. Building large organization and teams can sometimes take time however using both offline and online strategies these time periods can be compressed.Youngevity has the potential to be a solid business opportunity. I would recommend finding a strong team which uses both ‘old school’ and current technology to promote the business.



I have found that many associates are only using ‘old school’ methods to build their business. These methods work and have for over 50 years however they might not be the most effective ways of building today. Technology provides you a systematic method of building the business, can compress time and create additional streams of income. There is free information and training waiting for you which can dramaticly increase your results with Youngevity or any other network marketing business.

Yes, I want the free information and training. NOW!

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Youngevity Review. From a Third Party Perspective.}


Beware Of Sissy Hypnosis: A Shady And Disreputable Practice}

Submitted by: Ann Marier

The therapy of hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people overcome a variety of illnesses and mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety syndromes, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and even mood swings. Illnesses such as arthritis, irritable bowel, lupus and other autoimmune diseases have been reportedly helped by hypnotic therapy practices as well.

Yet, some disreputable practitioners of hypnosis use their talents and skill in a more subversive and demented way, such as those who perform what is known as sissy hypnosis, a form of trying to hypnotize a man into acting the role of a woman in his mind. This practice is truly a despicable misuse of what could be an otherwise helpful practice to some.

Feminizing Men With Sissy Hypnosis

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Some men may have a twisted desire to be more feminine like a woman, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. These men may desire to live out their unfulfilled fantasies in some way in order to become the sissy that they have always dreamed they would be. These men may suffer from an identity disorder, as they may have always wanted to secretly become women for one of many reasons.

These men could have been abused as children, and now they are living in homosexual lifestyles as a result of that abuse. They could also be married men who desire to live out some kind of dark, demented fantasy to be a woman. Those who practice sissy hypnosis are not true professionals at all but a fringe group of pleasure seekers who want an erotic thrill.

Sissy hypnosis should not be considered as a viable therapy of any kind for anyone. This so-called hypnosis is really a deviant form of inducing repulsive thoughts into someones mind for simple sexual pleasures. Sissy hypnosis often goes in the same category as those promoting bondage and sado-masochist forms of sexual torture techniques and other revolting ideas.

These practices are a sad fact of life in our modern times, yet they should be avoided by all people who seek a pure and moral life. With ideas such as these which abound in our landscape, it is imperative to try and protect children from practices such as sissy hypnosis, as much brainwashing in these matters is geared toward children.Pedophilia follows close on the heels of such practices as well, and even while there is freedom in the United States, practices such as this should not be tolerated, as they are beneficial for no one who participates in them.

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Homemade Male Sensual Toys Can Aid In Member Health}

Submitted by: J Dugan

When youre a man, there are times when your mind is so focused on sensual activity that everything brings sensual play to mind. When in such a state of mind, it may seem that even the most mundane items in the home are potential sensual toys. Surprisingly, that perception is not so far from wrong. As long as he keeps good male organ care in mind, an imaginative man may find his home really is filled with sensual toys that can add to his private enjoyment.

How can this be? Lets take a look at a few items likely to be in a guys home and see if they can become sensual toys for him to use.

A donut. This one takes very little imagination. Its soft and squishy, so its not going to cause damage, and the opening in the middle can of course fulfill much the same function as a womans canal or a mans own fist. Sure, the sugar and glazing may make the male organ a bit sticky, but it might well be worth that small inconvenience. Who ever thought a tasty treat could be good for member health?

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String or ribbon. One of the most popular sensual toys is the male organ ring, a ring made of leather, metal, cloth or plastic that encircles the base of the manhood (or in some cases, the base of the manhood and the sacks). The tightness of the ring often helps sustain tumescence or increase the stiffness of same. But a man can get the same effect by using a piece of string or ribbon. As with a real manhood ring, its important not to make it too tight or to wear it for an extended period of time; otherwise, serious member health issues could ensue.

A melon. A watermelon, cantaloupe or other large-sized melon can make for a thrilling if messily juicy sensual toy. All that is needed is to carve a hole in the gourd large enough to accommodate a mans tumescent organ, after which the melon is all set to be entered. And heres a tip: melons can be excellent for a man to use when he wants to try out a new position. The downside, of course, is that the juice makes this very messy but its also an unforgettable experience.

Sponge bottle joy. Cut the top of a plastic soda bottle. Wrap duct tape around the top edges, so any jagged edges are smoothed over. Place two sponges in the bottle. Stick the member between the two sponges and move the bottle back and forth over the tumescent manhood shaft.

A feather duster. Buy a new feather duster. (One which has been used will have too much dirt and dust to make it hygienic.) Simply use this to stimulate the member, running it up and down the shaft and paying special attention to the head. The feathery touch will provide an especially sensual feel that most men find irresistible.

There are dozens of other household objects that can be made into or used as sensual toys, from rubber dishwashing gloves to paper towel tubes to an electric toothbrush. When a man is excited enough, almost anything can become an aid.

Whether a man creates sensual toys in his home, purchases them ready-made or dispenses with them altogether, he still needs to regularly apply a first class male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to his favorite organ to keep it healthy. Since many men get carried away with their sensual toys and treat their members roughly, its wise to select a crme with soothing moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E. Rough (if fun) handling can also diminish manhood sensitivity, so a crme with neuroprotective acetyl L carnitine is advised. The ingredient helps protect against peripheral nerve damage from aggressive or overenthusiastic stroking.

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