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How Real Estate Agents &Amp; Home Sellers Can Work Together To Close A Sale Quickly


If you think that it is the sole responsibility of a real estate agent to quickly close the deal when selling, think again. One of the reasons why real estate listings go stale or stay in the market too long is because of stubborn sellers who would not cooperate with the realtor or give some leeway to buyers.

Lets say that you would like to move, you are planning to put your property up for sale and you are looking for a real estate agent to hire. Naturally, the real estate agent would not want to waste his or her time and resources with a home seller who is not really decided so your cooperation is required. Read on to find out more about what you can do from your end to help a real estate agent sell your home.

Things to Remember when Putting Your Home Up for Sale in the Real Estate Market

Perhaps one of the most difficult markets to deal with is real estate, especially considering the fact that it is the industry most affected during the financial crisis of the past few years. This is precisely the reason why you need to work with the right realtor who has a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market.

Here are a few more things that you need to remember and some things that home sellers like you are recommended to do in order to work with a real estate agent and close a sale more quickly:

1. When choosing which real estate agent to work with, make sure to follow a pre-qualification process.

The minute that you decide to put your home up in real estate listings, the first thing that you need to do is look for real estate agents to work with. Remember that these are professionals who can already be dubbed as an expert at what they do so you need to be respectful of their time and skills. If your mind and heart is not fully decided on selling your home, do not interview real estate agents yet.

After making a decision, do a little research about the real estate agents in your area. Some of your options include:

– Realtors specializing in niche markets.

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– Realtors specializing in income brackets.

– Realtors specializing in a particular geographic location.

– Realtors who only work within a specific local area.

Now, the pre-qualification process will occur once you have narrowed down your list of potential real estate agents to two or three. Learn as much as you can about them, and make sure that you are working with someone who is an expert at selling properties within your local area.

Give the real estate agent an initial call and see how that goes. Your final choice should be the real estate agent who you feel will best represent you during the home selling process and make your decision from there.

2. A lot of honesty goes a long way.

Put yourself in the shoes of an excited home buyer. How would you feel if, after a day or two of staying in your new home, you find out that there is a family of mice hiding living underneath the stairs and the former owner did not disclose the problem to you?

You dont want this happening to the new family who will live in your home, so make sure to be as honest with the realtor about the existing structural issues and other problems with your house. This is something that will greatly affect the selling value of your home and there isnt any issue which cannot be fixed anyway. By working as cooperatively as you can with the realtor, you are bound to get the maximum asking price for your home and sell it within the span of time that you have previously set for it.

3. Give your realtor some leeway when there are factors which are beyond their control, which will affect the amount or span of time by which your home will be sold.

As a home seller, it is up to you to understand that realtors are also entrepreneurs. Being a real estate agent is not like a nine-to-five desk job where they can expect to receive regular pay checks. This is the reason why they invest their own time, money and expertise to make a sale.

There are times, however, when there are circumstances that will be beyond their control. If you are an undecided seller, for example, and they only find out about it after spending a few days with you that you dont want to sell after all how do you think this will affect their way of living? By starting off on the right foot, you and the real estate agent can establish a relationship built on trust so that you can both work towards getting the maximum value for your home in the least amount of time.

4. Set a realistic asking price for your home.

Nobody wants to buy a real estate property which has become stale or has been sitting in the market for several weeks. The best way for you as a home seller to ensure a quick sale is do a research of the current selling price in the market.

You should also do your part like clearing your home of personal clutter, making minor renovations that will increase the value of your home, and prepping up or staging your home for sale.

Additional Tips when Putting your Home Up for Sale

Another aspect of home selling that you need to consider is having a home inspection conducted prior to selling. If you already have a home inspection report, it will be easier for someone to assess the value of your home while also considering the current asking prices in the market.

When setting a bottom dollar price, make sure to talk it over with your agent and see to it that the price is realistic. There are even some potential home buyers who will go out of their way to get a police report on the neighborhood, to ensure that no sex offender is living down the street.

There are also plenty of online tools that you can use to have an idea about the current asking prices for residential real estate properties. Do a quick search of your zip code and the neighboring zip codes to have an idea about what a fair asking price is. The modern amenities within the surrounding area are another good way of determining what the selling point of your home is.

Finally, learn about the difference between the asking price and the selling price. A good real estate agent should be able to put your home up for sale at a price slightly above your homes real market value. Prepare to make some concessions with the price as well because it is you as the home seller who will have the final say as to whether a particular price range is already good enough, or if you will be waiting for a better offer to come along.

By following these tips, you are bound to get the services of the best real estate agent in the area, and have a good working relationship with the realtor so that your home will be sold at a good price, and within a reasonable span of time.

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