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Importance Of Key Words For Search Engine Optimization}

Importance Of Key Words For Search Engine Optimization



Search engine optimization has two parts, the first one is online optimization and the second one is offline optimization. For online optimization the foremost things is the right set of key words. Key word or key word phrase plays an important role in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is done, to rank among the top 10 position of the search page result. Ranking among the top 10 position, especially in the first position or among the top 3 means more traffic to your site. People tend click the link from among the top 5 search results. So naturally ranking among the top, brings more organic traffic to your site. A website without traffic has no meaning, as no traffic means no profit.

Have A Domain Name With Key words

The importance of having the right set of key words, starts from your domain name. Your domain name should contain key words to rank well in the search page results. Don’t go for fancy name or personal name for your domain name. If you are developing a site for dog training, your domain name may have the key words like “dog training tips”. The given name is an example only. You have to know more facts in this regard. Avoid using common key words as the competing websites for the given key words used to be high. The main two words, ‘dog training’ will be more competitive and your will find it very difficult to rank high for this set of key words. You can add ‘pet’ and ‘tips’ to the key words, ‘dog training’, as ‘pet dog training tips’, to make your domain name more specific. A key word phrase is a set of key words. You can go for a maximum of four key words in a key word phrase. Going beyond 4 is not advisable.

Use Key Word Tools

Using key words tools is the best way of zeroing in on the right set of key words, with less competition and more searches. Key word tools help you to find out the, frequently searched key words of your niche field and the competition for that particular key word phrase. Select a key word phrase which has more search counting and less competition. After selecting some set of key words, check for the availability of domain name. Google key word search tool gives the key words in the order of search counts and number of sites competing for that phrase. Yahoo overture gives the number of search count. Word tracker key word search tool is the best option for scientific search of key words. It is worth paying for the word tracker. It also comes with a free trial.

Key Words For Your Contents

By this time you would have understood the importance of having key words in your website domain name. If your site domain is “pet dog training tips”, it stands a good chance of ranking well for the key word search phrases like ‘pet dog training’, ‘pet dog training tips’ and dog training tips. Again it is stressed here that, it is an illustration only and you have to spend some time in getting the right set of key words of your niche field, for your domain name.

Not only your domain name, but also your contents need, traffic pulling key words. Traffic pulling key words means, the key words which are more searchable and help you to rank well in the search results, to bring in organic traffic. You may place more content pages to your web site. In the above example you can add contents like, ‘dog foods recipe’, ‘caring your dog’, dog disease symptoms’ and etc. Select the proper key words for each content page and use them with the permissible limit all over the contents for good search engine ranking. Give a title for each page with the correct set of key words. Put the relevant key words in the meta keyword tag and meta description tag.

Some search engine optimization companies will drain your money by promising a top ranking for your website. They will do it by optimizing your website for key words which are not frequently used in searches. Mere Ranking among the top, for any set of key words is not important. It is vital to rank for a key word phrase with more number of searches and having less competing sites. If you are going to use the services of a seo company, double check their credentials.

Author Information: Having frequently searched key words in your domain name and your articles is the basic of your web development process. Spending a good amount of time in researching for the right set of key words of your niche, will highly reward you in the long run. You can easily find out the searchable keywords if you think from the angle of the searcher.


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