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Hemorrhoids Relief How You Can Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally &Amp; Gently

By Bello Gbenga

Hemorrhoid is one of commonest ailments affecting the anal region, they affect about 50% of adult population. Fortunately hemorrhoids/hemroids, or piles as they are sometimes called, may often be cured with simple procedures or they may even resolve by themselves sometimes when the hemorrhoid is a very mild type. (Download a Free Book on Hemorrhoids by clicking the links in the last paragraph below)

These are some of the symptoms you might experience if you are suspecting that you have a hemorrhoid problem:

1. Slight bleeding as evidenced by observing bright red blood on the toilet tissue or the blood might be on the stools and sometimes it stains the toilet bowl.

2. Slight itching in the rectal area. This may progress to severe itching or burning sensation (Click the links in the last paragraph below to learn the best method of curing the itching and burning sensation permanently)

3. A false urge to move bowels even when the bowels are empty, this is known in medical terms as tenesmus.

4. A soft lump around the anal opening in the external variety.

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5. Severe pain in the anal area. (To know how to rid yourself of hemorrhoid pain permanently click the links in the last paragraph below)

Bleeding through the anus might also be due to some other more dangerous diseases of the large intestine so it is always advisable to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and not miss the early diagnosis and treatment of a more serious condition.

To properly diagnose hemorrhoids the doctor will do a rectal examination by inserting a gloved lubricated finger into the rectum to feel for the presence of hemorrhoids. The doctor may also make use of a proctoscope inserted into the last few inches of the rectum to enable him to view the size, location and number of hemroids present.

External hemorrhoids can be observed easily by the doctor and can be felt as a pronounced bump in the area around the anus. It is the external hemorrhoids that are usually associated with severe and excruciating pain.

To cure hemorrhoids the use of natural methods like making some slight life-style changes has been found to be very effective. These effective measures include:

1. Eat between 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

3. Avoid sitting for hours at a desk and do more physical activity

4. Eat natural foods which promote soft stools making elimination easy. (Click on the links in the paragraph below to know five vegetables and fruits that will eliminate constipation permanently)

5. Shed excessive weight and strive to maintain average weight.

Pain may be relieved briefly by sitz baths, ice packs and the application of soothing herbal creams. Some herbal remedies have astringent properties which can have the effect of decreasing inflammation and narrowing blood vessels. These herbs are usually blended with others which are soothing and help the skin heal from wounds and because they stimulate the immune system help cure and prevent infections.

There are also some herbal mixtures that have been packaged with other instructions about other very important natural means of curing hemorrhoids in a more complete and wholesome package. This natural cure package is best way to cure hemorrhoids as it addresses all the different aspects of the origin of the disease and it does not have side effects. The herbs recommended in this package can easily be accessed with pennies at your local grocery store, and the recommended lifestyle changes are explained in simple terms that can be understood by everybody. This holistic natural cure method has the special advantage of aiming for a total cure of not just the symptoms but the very ailment that is causing the ailment.

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About Lasik Complications

Submitted by: Joy Wilson

Some people who undergo LASIK surgery have experienced some kind of complication . However, if you have an experienced surgeon by your side, the rate of surgical complications is far reduced. Common sense aside, one should base their decisions on the actual facts reported by their treatment provider. Overall, the number of complications are generally reported to be less than 1%. Most of the reported problems are handled through laser re-treatments or enhancements.

In order to understand the kind of complications people have your should understand what a LASIK treatment is all about. During LASIK surgery a laser beam is used to cut a very thin, hinged flap into the front of the eye. The flap is then lifted and the laser is applied to re-shape the eye, and then the flap is replaced to heal.

Some of the more common types of LASIK complications are improperly formed LASIK flaps: Sometimes after the first surgery a patient might experience an improperly formed flap. This might create an irregular surface and cause various vision defects. In such cases, LASIK surgery needs to be repeated one or more times to make the eye surface smooth.

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Inflammation: Sometimes there might be inflammation that can develop in areas where the flap comes in contact with the eye. Such a condition, is called diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK). It may create symptoms such as sensitivity towards light and loss of Vision .

Epithelial In growth: If there is any kind of initial swelling in the eye it might create a common LASIK complication called Epithelial in growth, This condition can be best described as a type of scarring which leads to an irregular eye surface and other vision distortions. In such a condition the surgeon lifts the flap and scrapes out the epithelial growth from inside. This is certainly not a full proof method. It has been noticed that in many cases the epithelial in growth reoccurs.

Some other common types of LASIK complications include dry eye, infections and night vision problems such as glaring around the lights.

Many trained surgeons feel that by using better technology and more precise instruments the chances of having a major LASIK complication can be avoided. People who have had a history of eye complications or infections are not advised to go for these surgeries.

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Laser Eye Surgery



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