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A Quality Auto Dealer In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

byJudie Langford

Regardless of what type of car you have your heart set on, if it’s time to purchase another vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing a Chevrolet vehicle. There are many different Chevrolet models and you’re likely to find a Chevy model that is going to be best for your driving preferences, your needs as well as your budget. However, if you’re looking for an auto in Oklahoma City, and you have your heart on a Chevrolet, you’ll want to find the best resource for Chevy vehicles.

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If you live in the Oklahoma City area, Knippelmier Chevrolet is the preferred Chevy dealer. There are many reasons why this has become a popular Chevrolet dealership in the Oklahoma City area. The first reason is that this dealer has an extensive selection of new Chevrolet’s for sale. What this does is provides you with a location to find the exact model you may be looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a Chevy Cruze and you want that vehicle in a specific color, with specific interior colors or perhaps you’re looking for a vehicle that has a diesel motor rather than a gasoline powered motor, Knippelmier is going to be the dealer you want to visit.

In addition to a vast selection of new and used Chevy vehicles, this dealer also offers a wide range of different financing. Regardless of what your credit situation is, this dealer works with multiple financing companies and they can be instrumental in helping you get the financing you need to purchase the Chevy vehicle that you want.

From selection as well as flexible financing, there are few places better in Oklahoma City to purchase a new or used Chevy vehicle than at Knippelmier. If you’re looking specifically for a Chevy vehicle, or you’re simply looking for a quality dealer to buy a quality new car, you may want to consider visiting this dealership to see everything they have offer. Whether you’re interested in buying today, or you’re interested in buying in the future, getting an idea of what types of vehicles are offered and the type of service offered at this dealership is a good way to prepare for buying a new car. Visit for more information.


Should You Buy A Car At The Year End?}

Should you buy a car at the year-end?


Alisha Hessle

As we move to the last month of the year, there is one big question that comes to the minds of most of the automobile followers, that is, are year-ends the best time to buy a new car? This question is of great importance to the people who are actually in a dilemma between choosing to buy a new car in the year-end or wait for the company to announce some attractive deal or upgrade in the car at the start of the following year.

Several automotive websites will suggest you the top cars that you can consider buying all around the year., a popular automobile website, lists the best cars that you can buy depending on how the car has been performing in the market or how much of trendsetter they have been. But very few can actually tell which is the best time to buy the car, the year-end or a fresh new year.

So here is a handy guide for such buyers who need good reasons to either buy a new car at the year-end or wait for the New Year.

What Factors Drive The Automobile Market Towards The Year End?

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Year-ending offers

To be clear, most of the companies, or dealerships I should say, run good offers during the year-end. Apart from the festive season around Diwali, the advent of a new year also brings some good news for the car buyers and most of the dealers prefer waiving off a significant amount from the price tag or offering heavy add-on at lighter prices.

Phasing out

This is the truth of car manufacturer and dealerships. When the current model is expected to have a bettered version of a facelift in the first quarter of next year, the dealers tend to offer good car offers & discounts that would help them to clear the inventory of cars as soon as possible. This is a great time for the car buyers to get a grab at their favourite car at attractive prices. However, the other drawback to this is that if you are frequent car buyer by selling off the used car, you might not get a very good resale value as the older model is already gone and a new model has replaced it.

Dealers target

This is one very important fact to be considered. Who does not have targets in their life? And so do the dealers! However, more often than not, some dealers fail to meet their annual or quarterly targets. Plus meeting the target in the last two months of the year also becomes a little difficult as this time is considered to be wedding season. Hence, this is where the idea of offering deals, offers and discounts step in. In a quest for meeting the sales target in the wedding season, most of the dealers run heavy discounts.

Price increase

Most automobile brands increase the price of their vehicles YoY (year-on-year) and chances are that the car you are looking to buy will get the hike at the start of the year. Hence, it is also more recommended to grab hold of your favourite car before the prices hit the roof.

I Believe This Would Help You!

Buying a new car is often a very tricky step. Most of the car buyers prefer going through the car buying tips or taking expert advice. Hence, ascertaining the right time to buy a new car is important. Buying the car during the festive season would be a great idea as there are a lot of new launches that come up beside the offers.

However, the year-end also has a lot of offers running on most car brands and it would be wise to buy it around this time.

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