Real Estate Mentoring For Smarter Investing

Real Estate Mentoring for Smarter Investing


Bryan Upton

Investing in multi-family properties can be a fantastic source of income, especially when you are able to get a good deal on the property in a buyer\’s market. However, there is a lot to know about investing in real estate, as the process can be much more complex than investing in mutual funds or securities. The best way to ensure you make a wise investment is to look into real estate mentoring.

What is Real Estate Mentoring

Real estate mentoring essentially involves a seasoned professional, or a company with extensive experience in real estate investing, providing you with useful advice and helpful information so you can make an informed decision.


Real estate mentors know the ins-and-outs of investing in multi-family and commercial real estate. A mentor can provide you with advice on every aspect of the purchase and management of the property, from determining whether the income from the property will support your cash flow to dealing with evicting tenants who do not pay the rent.

Whether you are a beginning investor in real estate, an investor who is new to buying multi-family properties, or a seasoned expert looking for additional help and advice, real estate mentoring may be just what you are looking for.

The Benefits of Real Estate Mentoring

Unlike with stocks and securities, real estate is not a very liquid investment and it is almost always best as a long term investment. In other words, except in rare cases, you will not buy a rental property or a multi-family property and turn around and sell it immediately. You would not want to do this for many reasons, most notably the costs of the purchase and sales transactions and the commissions and fees you would incur.

Since purchasing a multi-family home is a major investment that typically requires a lot of money, you do not want to make a bad decision and be stuck with an investment that doesn\’t pay or that doesn\’t appreciate in value. While there are always fluctuations in the market and there are never any guarantees, land does tend to go up in value over time and rental properties usually are a good investment provided you choose the right property, manage it well and are willing to wait out downturns in the market. A real estate mentor will help you to ensure you do choose the right property and manage it well so you can increase your chances of success.

Choosing a Real Estate Mentor

Once you have decided that real estate mentoring is right for you, you should find a knowledgeable individual or company that provides mentoring services. Pay attention to what type of mentoring is included and what type of help and aid is provided and make sure that the services included cover what you need help with. For instance, if you are primarily concerned with working out cash flow numbers and finding tenants for your units, you\’ll want a mentor who offers you assistance in these areas. Whenever possible, of course, it is best to find a mentor with a broad range of expertise who can help you with all issues that may come up.

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