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An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Repairs Acl In Montrose, Co

byAlma Abell

When a person is experiencing problems with knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists, hips, hands, feet or elbows, it will take an orthopedic specialist to resolve those problems. Of those joints, more people have problems with their knees than initially realized. In fact, in 2012, the number of people with knee replacements had doubled in a 10-year period. The anterior cruciate ligament (also called ACL) has caused problems for a lot of athletes. There is an orthopedic surgeon who treats and repairs the ACL in Montrose, Colorado. Her success rate with treating joint problems is of such that the ailment is resolved more quickly than one would expect.

The ACL is a very common injury for those who play football, soccer, and basketball. The cruciate ligament is inside the knee. There are two that form an “X” inside the knee joint, with the ACL being on the front. This ligament provides rotational stability to the knee. When this ligament is torn (a grade 3 sprain), it has been split into two pieces. It will take the skillful hands of an orthopedic surgeon to go in and repair the damage.

There are a number of ways in which the ACL can be injured. If the person changes direction suddenly, stops abruptly, slows down when running, has an improper landing from a jump, or has a direct contact, as in a football tackle, these are all ways in which the ACL can suffer injury. Females are more likely to suffer an ACL injury than male. This could be due to the pelvic and leg alignment and the effects of estrogen on ligaments, among other reasons.

Dr. Chamberland has been providing orthopedic solutions to patients with ACL and other types of joint-related injuries for many years. She is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and also has advanced certification in sports medicine. She is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. who can “scope” every major joint. At her clinic, they use the state-of-the-art minimally invasive arthroscopic surgical techniques, keeping the patient’s comfort in mind. If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon who repairs the ACL in Montrose, Colorado, visit the website of Dr. Chamberland at


Basics Of Laparoscopic Surgery One Must Know}

Basics of Laparoscopic Surgery One Must Know



Laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore, a technique used in the modern day surgery in which incisions are done far away from the location at which operations are carried out. In this process, the surgery is done with the help of a laparoscope, which is designed to have a high intensity light and a high resolution camera in a long thin tube. This tube is inserted through the incision in the abdominal wall, and the camera sends images to the video monitor as the tube moves. Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or simply Laparoscopic Surgery allows the doctor to see inside the body without an open surgery. This enables the surgeon to take out the samples the affected part and use it for diagnosis by biopsy.

Why is Laparoscopic Surgery Performed?

Laparoscopic Surgery basically helps in diagnosing and identifying the source of abdominal or pelvic abnormality which is responsible for causing unease, when the non-invasive diagnosis fails to detect it. Non-Invasive imaging techniques such as

Ultrasound images of the body are produced by high frequency sound waves.

CT Scan- cross-sectional images of the body or organs are taken with the help of a series of X-rays.

MRI- radio waves and magnets are used to produce images of the body.

A Laparoscopic surgery is usually done when the desired result or a clean insight is not obtained on non-invasive diagnosis. During this process, the sample tissue of the affected portion is taken for biopsy. Areas in which laparoscopic surgeries can be carried out are


Gall Bladder


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Reproductive organs

Small and large intestine

Areas observed with a laparoscope in order to detect abnormality are

Fluid entrapped in the abdominal cavity.

Tumour or abdominal mass.

Liver disease

Detection of the progression of the cancer stage

Effectiveness or progress of certain treatments.

Merits and Demerits of Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a modern day technique which has many benefits.

Post-operative pain and morbidity is less in the case of laparoscopy.

Decrease in the formation of post-operative abscess decreases.

Chances of fever due to external inflammation or contamination also decrease.

Hospital stay is short.

Risks of a laparoscopic surgery

Rare occurrences of fever and pain might be experienced. Others including continuous nausea, light headedness, inability to urinate, swelling and bleeding of incision sites can also take place. Damage to the organs which had been diagnosed can also serve as a risk of bleeding and other fluids also might leak into the body if an organ got punctured. In such cases the doctors advice is an important decision.

Need for Laparoscopy

Required for pelvic inflammatory diseases.

The method is to evaluate the patients condition who suffers from pelvic pain

In case of ectopic pregnancy, the procedure is helpful.

This method is also a safe approach to peritoneal factors in case of an infertile patient.


Before the Laparoscopy surgery, the doctors usually recommend the patients to avoid eating for 8 hours and the medicinal doses are also altered in order to prevent the effect of the drug from preventing any procedures to be carried out.

During the surgery the patient is positioned in a lithotomy position with the head tilted at an angle between 10 and 20 degrees so that there is a displacement in the intestine. The veress needle is inserted in the thinnest site of the peri umbilical site covering the least distance from the anterior peritoneum. After adequate insufflation is achieved, the veress needle is removed and the trocar is inserted. If the gas escapes on removing the trocar from the sleeve, then it is confirmed that it placed correctly. The laparoscope is then inserted in the right intraperitoneal position.

After the procedure is done, the doctor would schedule an appointment with the patient to go over the biopsy results.



ivf treatment

ivf treatment

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