New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Says Be Cautious Of Trendy Procedure Names

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Says be Cautious of Trendy Procedure Names


Dr. Andrew J. Miller

EDISON, NEW JERSEY- Gummy Bear Implants. Vampire Facelift. Designer Vagina. Trampoline Necklift. These are names of common plastic surgery products and procedures.

What\’s in a name? The hype of a procedure can be alluring when it\’s been given a catchy name and it\’s routinely bandied about on makeover shows, commercials and in gossip columns. There is something patients should know before deciding whether they should have one of these catchy-named procedures, said

New Jersey plastic surgeon

Dr. Andrew Miller of Associates in Plastic Surgery.

Members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have expressed concern over the instant-results approach of popular advertised procedures and the possibility that patients could get the wrong impression about them, according to the Empowered Doctor website.

\”We are beginning to see a general trend of some companies having a factory-like setting, where regardless if the patient is a candidate, everyone gets a mini


,\” said Miller, facial plastic surgeon in NJ. \”It\’s not that these procedures are bad; we simply want patients to understand they are not a one-size-fits-all, quick-fix method for everyone.\”

Patients might get the impression that many of these frequently advertised procedures are minimally invasive, provide instant results, and/or include a speedy recovery. These claims may not be true for everyone, said Dr. Julie Miller, a surgeon at Associates in Plastic Surgery who performs blepharoplasty and other types of eyelid surgery.

These are some of the trendy-named procedures currently on the market:

Vampire FaceLift- This trademarked procedure involves injecting platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic fillers into the patient\’s face to restore fullness and promote collagen regeneration.

Lifestyle Lift- This is a facial and neck firming procedure. Commercials boast lasting results with options that take as little as an hour. It also reports safer and more affordable results than traditional procedures, according to the Lifestyle Lift website.

Designer Vagina- This is a term increasingly used to describe vaginal rejuvenation procedures, G-spot amplification and surgeries that reshape the labia.

Trampoline Necklift- A procedure that claims to fix sagging neck skin in an hour.

Gummy Bear Implants- This term was coined by a California plastic surgeon to describe the silicone gel breast implant from Sientra that received FDA approval in May 2012.

Just because a procedure has a cute name doesn\’t mean they\’re bogus or even that the names are misleading, Andrew Miller said.

\”We view them as a good backdrop for educating the public that it\’s a good idea to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who can recommend the best procedure for addressing your unique needs,\” he said.

Don\’t fall into a trap of picking a catchy-named procedure simply because it\’s advertised on television.

\”We don\’t object to patients asking for these procedures by name,\” Andrew Miller said. \”Our approach is to offer a procedure that will most effectively meet their needs. If that procedure has a catchy name, so be it. But we will not try to make every patient fit into that particular procedure\’s box.\”

He also recommends to any patient considering one of these procedures to do their homework before selecting a surgeon. Procedures with trademarked names tend to have websites that enable a person to find a provider in their community.

\”Research beyond that website,\” he said. \”Find a provider who is board certified, and ask questions at the consultation.\”

Good questions include asking how many procedures the surgeon has performed, and asking to see before and after photos.

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