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Is A Shih Tzu Puppy Right For You?

By Connie Limon

The Shih Tzu is classified by the American Kennel Club in the Toy Group. It is one of the elegant dogs from China. The Shih Tzu was a cherished, pampered pet of royal families in China for over a thousand years. As the Shih Tzu developed there evolved several sizes. The question of size has always been a very controversial topic.

Some Shih Tzu fanciers feel the original Shih Tzu of the Imperial Palace was the very small type ranging in weight of anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds. At the time of this writing, year of 2005, the size of 3 to 7 pounds is nicknamed Imperial Shih Tzu and Teacup Shih Tzu. The American Kennel Club does not recognize the nicknames of Imperial and Teacup for the Shih Tzu at all. The only size the American Kennel Club and the American Shih Tzu Club recognize as official Shih Tzu are with a set standard weight of 9 to 16 pounds. The under 9 pounds in weight and over 16 pounds in weight Shih Tzu are in existence and have ancestors registered as AKC, therefore, these Shih Tzu can be registered AKC. They are just disqualified from the show ring because of underweight or overweight. In general, most Shih Tzu fanciers or consumers prefer their Shih Tzu to be at least under 16 pounds.

Differences in weight is most likely due to cross breeding in the past with smaller dogs such as the Pekingese to get a smaller size Shih Tzu. The larger size Shih Tzu are probably more from the lines of the Apso.

The Shih Tzu has also been nicknamed ‘Chrysanthemum Face.’ The hair on the face of a Shih Tzu puppy grows out in a circular direction, making the face look like flowers.

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The Shih Tzu is an alert little dog with an arrogant and affectionate personality. Shih Tzu cherish their human companions above all else that surrounds them. Hundreds of the best of toys, other Shih Tzu or other animals never take the place of their adored human companions. For this reason, Shih Tzu do not do very well in large kennels, isolated from people. Shih Tzu puppies are best raised in small, intimate quarters and in the company of their best and favorite friends – us humans! Shih Tzu puppies at one week of age can respond to their breeder with warmth and affection. As newborns, they are very close to a newborn human baby.

The Shih Tzu’s long flowing double coat is a standard for their breed set by the American Kennel Club, and is extremely beautiful to look upon. Shih Tzu are one of the few breeds that have hair like humans instead of fur. Their coat makes for high-maintenance grooming and must be brushed daily.

The Shih Tzu is basically a robust and healthy breed with few serious medical problems.

A brisk walk around the block is usually sufficient enough exercise for a Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu puppy. They are delightful walking partners. They enjoy every step of the way, taking in all the scenery around them. Shih Tzu are enthusiastic and charming little pets. They love to wag their tails and greet everyone who crosses their path. Most Shih Tzu also travel well. I have had several Shih Tzu who love to stick their heads out the car windows and let the wind blow through their hair. Those we pass just ooh and ahh at this delightful antic of the Shih Tzu.

The Shih Tzu comes in an array of colors including gold and white, red and white, silver and white, brindles of red, brindles of gold, solid black, solid white, gold with black masks, mysterious shades of blue, and beautiful shades of ‘chocolate.’

For hundreds of years, Shih Tzu have been bred to serve humans merely as a delightful companion. In pre-Revolutionary China, it was a status symbol to own a dog that had no utilitarian function such as hunting or guarding. The Shih Tzu were highly prized in the Imperial Court where they lived lives of luxury. Their temperament continues to reflect this fact. Because of their long and intimate association with people, Shih Tzu seem almost human.

Shih Tzu are social animals. Shih Tzu love to be petted, groomed and played with. Their favorite spot is anywhere near their human companions. Shih Tzu can be self-sufficient. If you are busy, Shih Tzu are capable of amusing themselves for long periods of time. They will throw and catch their own toys.

Shih Tzu get along well with strangers, children, adults of all ages, and other dogs. Their small size makes them ideal for confined quarters. Shih Tzu do not shed seasonally and are non-allergenic because they have human-like hair rather than fur as most other breeds.

I suppose there are negatives to owning a Shih Tzu. As the writer of this article, however, I can’t think of any to share with you at the moment!

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Is It Acid Reflux Symtoms Or Heart Attack?

By Kathryn Whittaker

There are times when someone with acid reflux symtoms might mistake their pain for that of a heart attack. The symptoms of both are quite similar, and most people have a hard time telling the difference.

One of the most common and troubling symptom of acid reflux is the burning sensation in the middle of the chest. This pain radiates from the same area as the heart. It might be mild when beginning, but there may also be times when it can be a strong, stabbing pain. The pain can be felt high in the abdomen or can be located more in the neck region. There can also be a feeling of a pressure in the area, and this can also move around the body and into the back and/or shoulders. Acid reflux can also bring on breathing problems and nausea. These symptoms may not present all at once, but if they do, they can appear to be something much more serious than simple heartburn.

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The biggest problem is that these symptoms are often similar to those someone might feel if they are having a heart attack and people without a history of acid reflux who experience an episode like this may think they are warning signs for a heart attack.

Heart attacks symptoms include: pains normally in the center of the chest that can also effect the arms and neck, a feeling of pressure that might radiate anywhere in the torso, fast or irregular heart beat and problems drawing in air. They might also feel like they are going to be sick, or they may break out into a sudden cold sweat.

It is easy to see why someone would get confused, and why the symptoms of acid reflux are often mistaken for that of a heart attack, and even vice versa.

Reflux is not normally something that will require a person to seek emergency care, but someone with a heart attack must seek medical treatment as soon as they possibly can.

The top symptoms for both are pain in the chest, breathing problems, discomfort and pressure, and nausea. The list reads the same for both, and that means they both need to have the same reaction, even though they are not related in any way and one is more serious than the other.

If you are unsure if you or someone else is suffering from reflux or a heart attack always call for help. Even someone who might think it is reflux should have this checked out as soon as possible. It is far better to be safe than sorry in this case.

Even someone who has regular bouts with acid reflux symtoms like this can never really be sure they are not having a heart attack. Though it might seem silly, the hospital would rather that you came in so they can check you over. By not going and your symptoms turning out to be a heart attack could cause a lot of damage, and might even result in death. If it feels like it could be a heart attack, a person should be cautious not matter what.

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Things To Consider When Leasing An Apartment To Avoid Eviction

byAlma Abell

Generally Being Unlawful

Many leases will contain language that refers to general unlawfulness. This can encompass many different illegal activities, but usually specifically encompasses drug use and drug dealing. Both are almost sure fired ways to be evicted from your apartment. If your apartment complex is looking for a reason to evict you, being unlawful gives them the ability to evict you under many typical lease agreements.


If a smell is emanating from your apartment to the point that it is causing disturbances with your neighbors, you can expect to receive warnings, followed by an eviction notice if you are unable to take care of the smell in a manner that rectifies disagreements with other tenants in the building. Whether it is a result of animals in your apartment, general uncleanliness, or any other reason. Try to keep your place smelling as good as possible to avoid these types of disputes with neighbors.

Unannounced Residents In Your Apartment

Although most apartments agree to be fairly flexible with individuals that stay for a short amount of time in your apartment to account for significant others and family members that may stay there for a few days. However, if they find that you have had individuals staying in your apartment for an extended period of time that are not on the lease, this could potentially lead to your eviction. This not only puts the apartment in a predicament, but leaves you liable for any damage done by those that stay in your apartment.

Making Changes

In most case, you are not allowed to remodel or make widespread sweeping changes to the decor in your apartment. This means that you should speak with your apartment management before making any large-scale changes to the interior of your space. There are some things such as painting walls that are generally permitted in any apartment complex.

The enforcement of these policies depends on, and will vary from one apartment to another. The best thing that you can do is to familiarize yourself with your lease agreement so that you are not taken off guard by any evictions or other problems with management.

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Bidding Adieu To Hair Loss}

Bidding Adieu to Hair Loss


Shivani Kashyap

The scalp has almost 100,000 hair. A healthy scalp sheds and grows new hair regularly, however when this stops thats when baldness occurs. There are many reasons which cause hair fall, varying from hormonal changes, serious illness, skin infection, stress user or certain drugs, thyroid and many more. Once the root cause is identified and treated the hair growth is back to normal.In medical language hair loss is also known as Alopecia. This is of a permanent nature is if generally caused by heredity and genes.

It has been observed that generally hair loss begins at the onset of puberty and is mostly genetically linked. Studies have proved that hair loss is caused by poor nutrition, deficiencies, and poor dietary habits.There are several causes for hair loss, ranging from heredity to hormonal levels. It is very common now days to see people complaining about hair loss, blame it on the stress level, to physiological changes that take place in the human body, which cause hair to fall. Hair lying on the bathroom, is a common sight but how to find out the reason for the loss, is difficult to discern.

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If your parents have had a problem of hair loss, then in that case chances of you losing hair are quite bright. Baldness begins to generally show around thirties, and continues till the retirement age of sixty. Once you start caring for your hair then the process of losing hair, can be gradually controlled.Hormonal changes are also the primary reason for causing hair loss. When an individual undergoes stress, the body reacts in an unusual way, thereby causing hair to fall, at a rapid pace.

Hair loss can also be due to an infection of the scalp, or skin. This is known as Alopecia. In this appropriate measures have to be taken to cure the skin and scalp.Gone are the days when one kept on wondering what should on do for hair loss and ultimately resorted to Home remedies. Several hair loss fiber products are available in the market today for hair loss, some of the common ones being-Hair loss drugs. Hair loss shampoos, hair loss concealers, hair loss transplant or surgeries. Ideally an individual should first find out why is he or she loosing hair and then decide on which Hair loss solution to take.

In case your hair is thinning at a rapid pace, it might be worth inquire about a systemic drug which can help from the inside out. If your hair loss is progressing gradually, and you are noticing month-to-month that you are losing small amounts of hair, it might be wise to start off with a topical solution such as a hair loss shampoo. Rapid hair fiber is considered to be one of the best hair loss fiber product today. This is made up of 100% natural hair. This is an easy to use hair building fiber product and has absolutely no side effects associated with its long term use.

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Is It A “Timehshare” Or Is It Not A “Timeshare”?}

Submitted by: Allen Minear

The timeshare guru again sheds more light on the timeshare industry. We have started extense research on the resort directory published online and in text of the world’s claimed to be largest timeshare exchange network. We are going to share with you what we have found by contacting these resorts directly.

Recently we contacted several resorts listed in the directory in the state of Michigan. All our contacts were made by telephone and we spoke with project directors, sales managers, general managers and others.

Are results were basically the same with each contact we made with only slight variances in what we discovered. Three of the resorts claimed, they were “not timeshares” but only offered “Fractional” ownership programs. Fractional ownership is where somenone will normally purchase a block of time in a particular type housing project. Most fractionals are either three or four months sold in one consecutive stay. Even though these are listed as “Weekly” timeshares in the book, the management staff in each case denied they that they had any timeshares owners. Each person expressed the fact that they are not a timeshare project.

YouTube Preview Image

This raises serious concerns in the timeshare industry. Are they a timeshare or not? They are listed as a “timeshare”, but claim they do not sell timeshares or do not offer any timeshares in there inventory. Is this a case where the project in itself has no clue to what a timeshare is? Or is the management of clueless to what is really going on? Either way, what we have discovered would not pass the smell test by any means.

Timeshare today are available in over 150+ countries around the world. The way timeshares are sold changes on a daily bases. Contract language continues to change as time goes on. What you bought five years ago, is not what most timeshare sales organizations are selling today. The education of timeshare owners today has suffered dramatically over the years. Timeshare companies in general have to program designed to keep the “owners” up to date on what the industry is doing and how the changes will affect what they purchased years ago.

Independent timeshare resort outside of the corporate owned resorts, seem to be the one suffering the most on owner education. Lack of funds necessary to hire an outside company to accomplish what is necessary to maintain a solid owner base does not exist. Board members running this independent operations in most cases do no have a clue to what is really going on and refuse to except factual information pertaining to the industry changing. The “guru” will admit, most Home Owners Associations are living in the past. Many of the independent resort are out of touch and out of date in the industry today. Steadily rising maintainence fees, special assetments, but still not up to par. Many will hire a “Timeshare Management” company believing that will be the “Fix All”, when in reality adding more injury to the fact. An additional unneeded expense. More monies out of a “stressed” out budget. Are there solutions? Absolutely!

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